WTFReview: Rotate The Completor - Completed Rotations Of The...

Artist: Rotate The Completor

WTF Album: Completed Rotations Of The...

Country: New Zealand

Timeline: 2008 - ???

WTF Quality: Over-The-Top Vocal Accent, Silly Childish Lyrics, Infectious Herky-Jerky Dancing, Quirky Blending of Styles

Tags: Outsider, Lo-Fi, Busker, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Savant-Garde



Contest Announcement!


Here are the rules for the contest: Create WTF outsider musician personas along with an album's worth of music that stays consistent with your character's fictional qualities.
Everything from her/his/it's physical image to recording style.
Keep your project a secret from the world and shop it around the internet and see who buys into it.
In one years time we'll reveal our made-up characters here at WTFMusic and see who got the most reviews from weirdo experimental online zines and communities.

I'll share with you my brain-storming notes on one of my possible make-believe outsider musician characters:

Like every genre of music the outsider genre has it's rules one must abide by in order to be accepted as a true full-fledged Outsider. As Irwin Chusid, the authority on all things outsider music, put it - true outsiders lack self-awareness of their musical absurdities and retardednesses.

So, with that mind mind, I think I'll start with my "If The Residents Took Acid With . . ." grab bag. Let me just reach my hand down into this bag full of deranged on-the-fringe lunatic CDs and randomly pull one out. Oh - who's it gonna be? Shooby Taylor? Sondra Prill? Or maybe Tiny Tim? Ah! And will you look at this! Hasil Adkins - the psychobilly grandfather himself! The first element of establishing the sound is set. If The Residents Took Acid With Hasil Adkins. Maybe they even bought the acid from Captian Beefheart at The Shaggs' farm.

Ok, so now I should consider the instrumentation. And that should be easy considering how we randomly arrived with ol' Hasil in the equation. One-man band all the way! Nothing says outsider more than a mysterious man playing deranged songs on the street corner all by his lonesome self. With a junked-up guitar strapped around his shoulder, a shattered mini drum kit scattered around his feet and a microphone propped up to his dirty bearded mouth. And with that we have part of his WTF legacy down. Yes - the eccentric lunatic busking on the streets, annoying most who pass by and lifting up smiles from the curious. And what better part of the world to busk in than New Zealand? All the way down there at the bottom of the world where the sun don't shine and most of the population are half human half sheep. Oh gee whiz - this character is coming together nicely! I just know I'm gonna win the contest - I just know it!


Yes a reclusive man who is his only fan. One of self doubt and creative passion. Is he mentally challenged, strung out on drugs, beaten up from the evils of the world only to be left with his own spun collection of songs that just don't fit in this universe or any other? It's best to keep these answers hidden for we wouldn't want to release that important mystic that surrounds every good outsider.
But my outsider character is different. He posses a unique blend of musical chops to justify his "art." He doesn't just strum his out-of-tune guitar in a depressed drone-like fashion like Jandek. No way. His guitar riffs are damn catchy with touches of childlike whim. Every song packed to the rim with WTF hooks around every corner. His songs could almost sound like jingles to children's toy commercials played inside old faded B-movies. Like many an outsider he possess a sense of humor with some kind of off-center charm of innocence. It would be easy to imagine surreal images of kid's drawings while listening to his music. Why - maybe I can even use that as an idea for his album cover. Which can only be obtained through a secret process that is described by word of mouth. If one attempts to ask him personally for an album he'll probably even say "No," in a demanding but shy voice when asked for a recording of his music. Always keeping himself at a distance from the rest of humanity. That is so outsider of him to do. The titles of his songs will be nothing but the track numbers. His lyrics are absurd yet simple and almost cute. Sung in an unrecognizable over-the-top accent. Which is a top priority for any off-the-wall crazy outsider musician. Can you think of one singing outsider musician who doesn't sing with an unhinged accent?
And the recordings! What about the recordings? Ah yes - all directions are pointing us to the ever popular lo-fi approach. For he is a backyard artist. A junkyard musician! I'm sure he has never even owned a computer in his life. I'll just say that he records his material on mini-cassette tapes with the machine placed in a rusty old tin can and thrown in the chimney he while performs the songs in his garage. When finished he'll just slop it all together as a song compilation with tunes dropping in and out, tape speeds occasionally bending to and fro and hiss everywhere. Ready to go - warts, burn-marks and all.

With these ideas down now all I have to do it write some music that sticks to the above brainstorming ideas and I'm ready to go!

Now I must go out and find me a cult following.


How much further outside would I have to go until I'm back inside?

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