Manburger Surgical - MNBGR Music

Artist: Manburger Surgical
Album: MNBGR Music
Tags: Space, Rock, Experimental, Jam, Electronics, Improvisation, Avant, Progressive, Psychedelic
WTF Qualities: Open song forms, use of interesting samples throughout, experimental use of electronics, large arsenal of unique instruments used
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Ok, so, starting with this review I've decided to include the same labeled information I use for reviewing albums in the WTF Albums List.

I don't know anything about this band and for the sake of this review and my own enjoyment I will keep it that way.
As a musician who appreciates listening to music as much as I make it I feel that it's rewarding to be an active listener. Interactive listening so to speak. One way of doing this is to create a world around the band I'm listening to. To not be concerned with the facts and let my imagination go with the imagination of the music. From my understanding, this was more prevalent in the days when many listeners only had a radio to get their music fix from. There was no internet or cable TV to tell them everything they needed to know about the artists and bands they were listening to. They were forced to use their imaginations and to stick with these ideas.

With Manburger Surgical this is a very easy game to play because their music is so imaginative.
Dense yet open space clouds of psychedelic rock. A kaleidoscope of instruments well recorded that shift and thread a tapestry of dark colorful sound collages. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? 

Manburger Surgical are a band of misfit circus freaks who were expelled from their circus duties because of various wrong doings - something very taboo and dark perhaps, maybe even child molestation and torture. They started their own pact as a traveling show because this was all they knew how to do, and after all, they couldn't possibly be accepted in the world any other way as mutilated, extreme pierced and tattooed freaks with no manners.
They stole the decaying and rusted amusement ride vehicles from the circus trash dump. Rigged them up so they can travel the highways of America and play their demented music to the audience of the open roads.
They hold deep secrets to the world in their music. This comes from traveling from town to town and intense pain of self mutilation, opening the third eye and living in a society that doesn't except them other then a freak show to laugh at.
Three midgets perched on decaying horses of the mobile carousal laugh at the sped up carousal music that crumbles out of the speakers while they spin around wildly as they are traveling down the highway.
The man with four arms in the top car of the rusted mobile ferris wheel plays guitar and bent circuit instruments at the same time along with the carousal music buzzing along the highway with wind blowing in his natty hair.
The bearded bee lady flies around the vehicles playing along with the music using her on buzzing sound and occasionally dumps honey on unsuspecting cars that drive by the spectacle.
The tattooed tiger half man half woman behind the wheel, Cassidy style, with cigar in his/her mouth plays drums as s/he drives in his/her custom made drum kit truck booth.
Pass-bys in the traffic look on in bewilderment.
I could go on but I should leave some room for you.
Download this album and get sucked into the magic.

So, my review is finished - I allow myself some fact gathering of Manburger Surgical.
Judging from videos and photos their live performances seem pretty interesting and freaky. They somehow incorporate puppets into their act. In fact, it seems to be a very important element of the music.
From the looks of what I can see - my imagery wasn't that far off!



Nokhoi - Live in Kowloon

The sounds of crumbling, decay, solitude and steady grind. Fittingly, Nokhoi means "Dog" in the Mongolic language. Nokhoi is from Ulan Bator and this Live in Kowloon album was the music for a live performance in Hong Kong. Often overdriven to the point of cutting in and out of silence, as if the speakers gave up for a moment then popped back into oscillation. there is very little emphasis on harmonic, tonal, melodic, or otherwise pitched sounds here, although they can be found, as well as traces of recognizable sounds and voices, buried within the static. Static and distortion, two of the main outstanding features of this music.

From the beginning, a breath of electric static.
Grinding beams of interference. A deep throttle, steadily Deepening. Crushing pressure. A faint melody or series of pitches. Waves of buzzing sparks build intensity to the point of a clipping cut. The crushing abates, static remains.

Then, dogs baying.
A deep thunderous drone swells in. Overtones and waves of layered crunch static buzz, a slow roll. Various tempi of waves, from slower to faster, a liquid texture. Tones appear, enter and float on the murk. Voices like phantasms. Other powerful gushes of bilge come and go suddenly, along with screeches which sustain and cut. A blasting minor chord of an organ which is ripping the delicate speaker cones, until the low thunder washes away. More gushing rolls ply by. The screeching. The voices. Everything is heavily distorted and sustained.

An overdriven heartbeat.
Overdriven angelic chords and swirly piercing overtones of zipper fuzz. A deep throb of hell against the synthetic clouds. And held in sustain. Finally a drop, the angels are heard undisturbed to the crunchy heartbeat.

A spray wash of static noise.
A rambling undiscernible man's voice. Long chords of heavily vibrato organ synth, all heavily distorted, with blasts of screaming pitch shifting warbles, and a smattering of crushing ripping tearing harsh noises. Sustained over a long period of time. Gloomy, oppressive, cryptic, unrelenting, unforgiving, ill at ease, broken and shattered, murky, growling and roaring.

White noise, a glinting keyboard plays major key harmony loops slowly. Background hiss.

And it's out. The dog retreats into his bed.

Download here:

- Jeemobon

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Catman Cohen (and his music)

Catman Cohen

Getting into Catman Cohen is one hell of a journey. WIth each footstep trudging into a smudge of WTFness along the way. Sometimes small hints of weirdness are hiding in the walls and sometimes it's right in front of your face screaming at you.
The music of Catman Cohen is not made of the crazy and whacked out ingredients one expects when they think of strange music - but something else. That's what puts it beyond the bizarre.
It's in his character and personality. Learning more about this "shadow musician" and putting the pieces of the puzzle together is similar to that of watching an oddball cult film.

Because of the enigma of Catman Cohen I'm going to make an exception here for this review. I can't possibly just give a description for one album. Instead I would like to briefly discuss his life, beliefs, and his music.

Even before hearing his music I noticed his fixation on the mystery game. A tool numerous artists have used throughout history for various reasons. Reveal very little about who you are, what you look like, how you create your art, your beliefs, etc. Besides his beliefs Catman keeps everything else about himself behind a white cloth. His reason for this seems to come from his beliefs, which march alongside his music, his distain for the cult of celebrity and that the artist must step away from the foreground.
But the danger of artists draping themselves in mystery could cause the audience to not take the artist seriously. This seemed to have happened already with Catman, even though he seems very aware of it. On a website about him it goes on to say:

"Critics have suggested that he has "something to hide," possibly a sordid past of some kind, hence the absence of photos and bio details. Various theories have included the possibility he is everything from a hideously deformed freak; a burn victim embarrassed by his wounds; a throat cancer patient; or simply an elderly, silver-haired baby boomer far too aged to be a new artist in a very youthful music industry. The more outlandish speculations have included the possibility he is a once famous musician who faked his death and now records under the Catman name; an underage 15 year old computer whiz kid who utilizes a digital synthesizer to effect the bizarre Catman bullfrog voice; and a member of a witness protection program."

Obviously he is playing off this. That is part of the game from the artists' side.

He claims that we live in a world that is dumbing down and looking up to the wrong kinds of people. Instead of celebrities who promote the obsession of sex we should look up to the "neglected heroes" such as nurses, paramedics, teachers, firemen, universal peace-keepers, etc..

For sure, I can dig that. I feel as if we're on the same page here. And most of the people I know would nod their heads in agreement.
This guy's music is full of well thought-out messages.

You see, all this may not seem that out there or WTF but it's the way that it's presented, along with the music.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE his voice. It has to be one of the deepest I have heard. Like a giant toad with laryngitis singing in the center of a spacious hollow planet.
The extra musicians sound like LA studio musicians stuck in some late 80s sound warp hole. Even the song-writing compliments this.
But the song-writing is the magic here. It is wonderfully creative and uniquely innocent. A true songsmith!

Take this light wonder of a song for example:

So go out and do some exploring of your own about this fascinating musician. Learn about the controversy between him and wikipedia, his consideration towards those without adequate food or health care, his performances with "she-males, Goths, and other atypical entertainers", his association with celebrities, his encounter with suicidal teenagers, and a lot more. But whatever you do, don't skip over his music.

To date he has released three albums. A trilogy:

*How I Want to Die: the Catman Chronicles 1 April, 2005
*How I Want to Live: the Catman Chronicles 2 October, 2005
*How I Want to Dream: the Catman Chronicles 3 April, 2009

All of which can be listened to here:

Catman Cohen is also a member of - don't hesitate drop him a comment about his work.

I admit that some of the guest singers I don't care for but step back and examine Catman's world as a whole and it's a genuine artistic statement steeped in mystery, humor, creativity, values and most importantly, for us, WTF!

Many will quickly brush Catman's music off after only a few taps of the finger without reaping the rewards of fully diving in and moving the whole body. In the meantime, I'll be dancing with Mr. Daddy.

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DOWNLOAD - no download for these albums but you can listen to them all from here:

Smouldering Door - Songs from the Court of Flying Insects

A hidden ritual where free improvised music of the west meets the sounds of Japanese temple festivities.  We are transported from the recording location of an old retired train tunnel in Takedao, Hyogo, Japan (near Osaka) to a hot spring deep in the mountains.  The twinkling hum of insects is an everpresent backdrop to the scene.  Guests soak themselves in the natural hot waters from the earth, the moon shines brightly in the midnight sky, trees shake slowly, and out from a little shrine enters a small number robed insects who perform a dance to venerate the mingling of darkness and light.

As we sip hot tea or sake, the ceremony opens with Flirtations of the Moth and the Flame.  Setting the mood of contemplation with shakuhachi and cardboard tube, the sounds are playful yet spacious.  There is something mystical about the popping sound of a hand slapping the opening of a resonating tube chamber, while the deep and airy tones of the shakuhachi blow like cool mist on a lake. 

Plates of fruits are passed round, as we move to The Ritual Dance for Changing the Candle inside the Moon.  Sparse phrases on the recorder accompanied by junk percussion- ash tray, coffee can, and ukulele body.  Are we in a tunnel, or the mountainside hot spring shrine?

Suddenly the mood changes slightly.  My Little Crime, an Asian blues, comes into the scene, accompanied by ukulele and rocks, makes its point, and suddenly vanishes into the night.

In The Beat of Hearts in the Bee Hive, a duo plays various drum and junk percussion, with a little string sound thrown in.  A tribal pattern with a latent power emanating from the pounding heartbeat rhythm is embellished by insect wing flaps and metallic chirps

The Past Life of Ralph Famularo as a Mechanical Silver Beetle: Who is Ralph Famularo?  I think he may be a spoken word artist living in Osaka... He also may be the reincarnation of a robo-insectoid.  His previous life must have been spent crawling amongst barren crags of a vast open landscape, poking inquisitively and ponderously as suggested by the sustained tones of shakuhachi and ringing of steel chime balls.

Next, we have The Dance of the Mosquito Sages in Tribute to Dusk.  Mosquito sages enter the scene.  They are dressed in loose fitting white and purple robes with sashes tied neatly around their abdomens.  They hover in a figure eight pattern in front of the paper lanterns as their dance is interpreted by a moth who conjures flickering tones from a recorder.  Ukulele augments their buzzing wings.

I know the sound of an opening can very well, and I can easily imagine its tempting alcoholic contents, in this case the citrusy taste of chu-hi.  The nectars envelop us all as slowly and steadily nature and man do their work, and the fermentation process unfolds with tiny magic bubbles.  This is entitled, Releasing the Moon from the Plum Tree.

The final act is Dance for the Feast of Ghosts at the Moon Palace of the Enormous Black Dragonflies.  As we part from the ritual, we are left with sombre, wailing cries from the recorder.  The dance gathers momentum with play from the junk percussion.  These black dragonflies are jolly creatures, although their appearance can be foreboding.  In the end we all marvel at their elaborate and intricate festivities: the majesty of their garb, the splendor and perfection of their buildings, their smooth and heroic dance. the pristine beauty of the mountains beyond.

This is beautiful music with beautiful titles.  It has subtle power to capture the imagination.  Smouldering Door is Jerry Gordon (winds) and Charles-Eric Billard (percussive sounds).

- Jeemobon

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Richard There - "Who Touched My Bones?" EP

Richard There - "Who Touched My Bones?" EP

"There is a bird in the sky,
and he's always singing that I will die."

This opening line sets the tone for the whole EP.
A dark, humorous, abstract, twisted cartoon-like world of despair in an ongoing battle of hope.

The music is a creative take on a singer-songwriter approach similar to Jandek, though Richard There says he has not heard his music before.
Songs are presented in bare stripped-down arrangements usually with the thick-accented vocals heavily in the foreground.

This music comes from a place I have yet to visit.
A place called There. Where birds eat colors.
A place of contorted beings and Shit Men.

Images and more insights on the land of There can be found . . . here:

This might be my own way of perceiving the music but when I listen I can't help but connect it to the fantasy land of There.
The music becomes a soundtrack to my imagination of what happens in this far off land.
They both compliment each other.
It is fantasy music for an imaginative world.
My inner child is provoked as I enter this music.
Questions come to mind as I walk around the land of There.
Answers may be found in the music or they may be left lingering.
I want to know more about this land.
To go deeper.
Richard There's music can help guide me.
Though I can only go so far with this short EP.
I need more, Mr. There.

Book your next trip to There with this wonderful yet somewhat dark recording.

- OnionPalac

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"Who Touched My Bones?" EP can be downloaded for free here:


op.cit. - ethereal-et-al

op.cit. is an artist registered on of which I have virtually no information but that doesn't really matter. I think it might be 2 people. op.cit. was kind enough to provide links to three album downloads (here you go, get them!)

the last two are very ambient works, neither really tonal nor atonal, with a healthy variety of sound and an easy relaxed feel.

The first, ethereal-et-al is what I want to talk about here. I wouldn't call it straight ambient or noise or glitch or electronic or any of those labels. Thankfully. It's fresh enough to maintain its own distinct flavor. I would like to represent this music not through my sentences but through a series of onomatopoeias which might give the reader a visual, mental, abstract aural representation of the sounds within these tracks.

First, the "ethereal fig." tracks (numbered 1-4)

twitter chirp twee zab poof twee dee . . . . (pause)

twitter chirp zee twitter chirp zab twitter zee twee dee dee (pause)

dee dee jig zag * * * poof * * twitter twit zib dee dee

poof poof zib zib twee twee twit zib dee dee

poof poof zib zib twee twee

twit zib dee dee poof poof zib zib twee twee

poof * * twitter twi poof * * twitter twi

boo doo poof * * twitter twi
boo doo poof poof * * twitter twi
boo doo poof twit zib dee dee
boo doo zib zib twee twee
boo doo poof zib zib twee twee (then we get a weird jiggle melody on this)
boo doo dee dee jig zag * * * poof * * twitter twit zib dee dee
boo doo poof dee dee jig zag zib dee dee twitter twit zib dee dee
boo doo poof dee dee jig zag twitter chirp zee twittertwitter twit zib dee dee
boo doo poodooff jig zag twitter chirp zee twittertwitter twit zib dee dee
boo doo poof * * twitter twi
boo zee twittertwitter twit zib dee dee
poof * * twitter twi
poof twit zib dee * * twitter twi

spray spray bin bin bat bat spray spray bat bat bin din din bat sprin sprin spray din day dat spray spat spare din
din din sprat spray din din sprat day dray drin sprin spray spray bin din twin spray booooom
twin sprin drat dray sprin spray bin din twin spray booooom booooom sprin spray din day spray sprat split bin bin dat
data dat boooooom booooooom spray spray din dindin sprat spran spray boom twitter zee twee dee dee
booooooom spray spray din twitter zee twee dee deet dray sprin spray bin din twin spray booooom booooom sprin

boom bat boom boom bin bin boom bat boom boom bit bin zee
boom bat boom boom bit bin boom bat boom boom bit bin twee
boom bat boom boom bit bin booooooom spray witter chirp zee
boom bat boom boom bit bin spray sprit spray din dray boom bat boom boom bit bin
boom bat boom boom bit bin twitter chirp zeeeeee zeeeee zeeeeee
boom bat boom spr boom bit bin sprit spr sp spr boom bat boom boom bit bin zee twi twi tweeeee
boom bat boomspr boom bit bin deet deet deet deet

vvvvvv deet deet vvvv deet deet
vvvvvv deet deet whannn whann
vvvv deeeet . vvvvvv ... vvvvvvv deet deeet whin whin
vvvv deet boom bat zeeeeee


mmm mmm T T mmmm mmm T T T T T ch ch ch ch ch ch ch voovoovoovoov
mmm mmm mm mm T t T T T ch ch ch ch ch vovovovovovovovoovoov oovoov
mmm mmm mm T T T chh ch ch ch ch ch ch vo vo vo vovoo voovoov ooovoov
mmm TT T T T twtwtwtw twtwtw twtwtwt twtwtwt twtwtw ch ch ch c voovoovoovoovoo
mmm mm mmm T T T T t T t ch ch ch ch T t shh shhs hshhh . . . ch chch chchch chhc h
T T T T T T T T T ch ch chch ch ch chch chch ch ch chch mm mm mmmm
t ttT ttT tt ttT ttT tt Tt ttT ttT ttT

wrlwrlwrlwrlwrlwrlwrlwrlwrl doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
wrlwrlwrlwrlwrlwrl WRLWRLWRLWr wrlwrlwrlw WLRWLRWRL
chchchczzzzz mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chchchcchzzzzzz sprayyyyy sprayysssssssss
doo doo doo doo twrrr de de zeee zee zeeee wrwlrwlrwlrlwrlwrlwlrsprayyyy ssssprayysysysssss
wrwlrwlrwrlwrlwrl WRLWRLWRLW wrlwrlwrwlr WRLWRLWRLWLR weeaheawehwawehwawehwawehwaweh
wwrwrkwkwkrkwrWRLWRLWLRWLRwrlwrlwrlwrlwRLWRLWRLWRLW wewawehwawehwawehwawehwawehwa
tweeeedededeed zeeee tweewtewetetw zeeeeeeee
tweeedede deeee zeee twetetewet zeeeee
AHMMMMMM Ahhhhhhhhh
DNDN DNDND DndND DN DNdND ahhhhhha AHHHHHHHh sprarspssss sssssprarrrrrssssssprapprrrsss
wrwlawrwlawrwlawrlwawlrwalwr WERLWRLWRWLRWLRwa wrwawlrwlraWRLWLRWLRw
srpsayspsrpspsspssrspraysprspapswRLWELRWw erwelrwerwlrwlawlrw wRLWRLAWLRWL
doo doo spray spray wrlwawrlwwrlwrlwrlwrlwrlwrlwWRLWRLWRLwrlwrlwrlWRLWRLWRL
AHAHHHHHHHahhha ahhhhhhhhaahAHHHHHHHh

AMMmmMMMmmMMMMMMM hhhhhhHHHHHHHHhhHHH ch ch . . ch ch .. . . .. hhHHHhHHHHhhHH
zEeeerrleereeleleerleerlre HHHHhhhHH AAAhhhhHHhMmmMMMmmMMMmmMMMMMMM hhhHHHhhHh
Ahh ZEEEr AHaHhhAHhHHHMhMmhMMMHmmhsrRRRl H H HH HHhhhHhhHhHhHHhhhhhHerelerleeerleerleelre
HHHhhHHhhHHHHHhHhHhhHhHhh. ... .. .. ch hchc hhc h... hHHHhhhHHhHHhhhhHHhHMMMMmmmMMMmmMm
ZNNnnnNNnnNEEENnnNNnnNNNnch ch chch c,,. ,,, ,,, ,, .. . , . . , .. O IOIVROIVOIrOIvoirOIOVIROIVOIoivOIROIVoihhhhh
HHhhhHHhHHhHHEEEE eee EEE EEEEE eEEE eeee EEE EE eEE rr rr rr rr rr rr r tttttt rr rr rr rr rr EEEE eee eEE eee
ww WWw Ww WwwWWwWWwWwwWw rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rtTWWEeeeEEeerrrrr rr rr rr rr rTWEEeeEEeEeEErrrrr rr rr rr rr

MBMBMBMBdvndsznvndzndvndnzdnvvnzdMBMBMBMBMMBVnzndvvndzndvnzMMMMMCHH HCC CHC CHC CHC HCCZZZ z zzzZZZ Ch HCcHc CHCc HCc Hcc HcMBMBMBMmbmbmbMBMBMBMbbMBMBMBMBbwrrrrrrllrlrrrlrllrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlr
bmbmbMBMBbmbMBMBMBMBMbbMbmbmBMBMbMBMBMBMBmvdnzdnvdnzdnvndzndnvndnzdnv Ch OW Ch OW Ch Ch AH ZDNZNDZNDNZn ndzDNZDNZND DZNDNZNDDN zDNZNDNZ ff fFF FFF fFF ohohoh ohohoh ohohoh ohoh vmm VM

- Jeemobon

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Dan Huff - MUSIC FOR MUSICIANS or: How to make a 60-minute album in less than 8 hours for about $200

Dan Huff - MUSIC FOR MUSICIANS or: How to make a 60-minute album in less than 8 hours for about $200

The age old question in the music world is:
"Does Humor Belong In Music?"

Well, this album takes that a step further by bringing up the question:
"Does Humor Belong In Music Education?"

This albums plays as an educational tape. I feel that it should be bundled with a text book.

Dan Huff will guide you through exactly what the title spells out, "How to make a 60-minute album in less than 8 hours for about $200". Step by step.
Because of the example songs, choice of instruments, comments on traditional music theory such as chords and melody, and other areas of the lessons I would say that the instructions are limited to rock, folk, pop, lo-fi indie twee and other similar styles. If one follows the lessons as instructed I couldn't imagine an album of free improvisation, serial operas, or a collection of Rube Goldberg inspired musical contraptions coming into fruition. Maybe that`s for the follow-up album, who knows . . .

EIther way, as an inspiration to fellow musicians, from beginners to pro, this is a nice welcome of unconventional musical thoughts - if one were to take it seriously or not. An almost anti-Berklee thesis. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they do have classes for this kind of thing in Berklee by now. A kind of poor man`s recording guide - and aren't all musicians supposed to be poor?

As a pure listening experience this also works very well. It's filled with hilarious quotes, for example, "Here's the main reason people like to rehearse - practice makes perfect. Here`s the reason I don`t bother - nobody`s perfect" - with interesting and creative songs throughout like "I Am A Muffin" and "INSTRUMENTAL EXAMPLE". It also works well for the ADHD generation as each song is short and makes it's point quickly.

Behind all the, what might seem like, tongue-in-cheek one-liners is pure honesty and genuine words-of-wisdom everyone can learn from if they open up to the endless possibilities of musical creation.

Trust me, what the world needs is less music education about ancient church rules, tonal devises and the out-of-date notion of what music should sound like. This recording is an interesting step away from a lot of that.

Thanks for the lessons Professor Huff. I will put them to good use.

Visit Dan Huff's website here:
Become a friend of his on Myspace:
And don't forget to say hello to Mr. Huff at WTFMusic.ORG under the name Phooey.


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Nebelom - QVVMHS

Nebelom - QVVMHS

This is some heavy shit.
An album full of songs with titles taken from five minor planets of our Solar System: 50000 Quaoar, 20000 Varuna, 136472 Makemake, 38628 Huya, 90377 Sedna and one asteroid - 4 Vesta.
A claim I've seen about this music:
"His glitch-apocalyptic, abstract and minimal sounds are created with low quality software and microphone. But he claims they are coming from space."
I prefer to believe that this music actually is coming from space.
This music is freezing cold.
When I say goodbye to the world and put on my headphones with this music blasting through those little speakers attached to my head I feel as if ice-cold metal tubes are being inserted into my ear canals freezing my auditory nerves, covering the inside of my head with thick misting frost.
Just as quickly our solar system is vacuumed into the tubes and fed into my brain filling my senses up with the sounds of space: alien soundscapes, lost transmissions, planets smashing into one another, space debris choir, cracking sounds of the universe expanding . . .
That's the kind of music this is: interactive music for the listener's imagination.
This music has the power to excite the creative spirit in those who prefer to keep the flame burning.
That's why this kind of music is so important - unlike so much popular music throughout history this can inspire the imagination, wake it up and feed it.
Similar to the function of dance music, where the music excites the body to move, this music excites the mind to imagine.
But like dance music, if the listener can't dance s/he most likely will not have an interest in the music - with this music if the listener has no imagination I would assume that s/he would have a hard time appreciating this.

Nebelom is a member here at Please have a listen and comment on his music in the community.


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Bristles on the Carapace - Faded Suburbs

Bristles on the Carapace - Faded Suburbs

Faded Suburbs. Music of minimal means, of which I am compelled to speak few words.

I feel that this music was recorded in a suburban bedroom. I listen to this music from a suburban bedroom. I feel the rolling of suburbia, the patterns and repetitions of the landscape, the smooth comfort, along with an underlying static. It is calm and simple. The variations from one section to another are barely noticeable. Occasionally we hear the ramblings of a diehard christian. Something about cupcakes. Or crystals? Rooftops. Perhaps, sky and trees. Relax. Listen. I particularly enjoyed untitled 13... Paneye's contribution to the community is much appreciated, and we hope to hear more.

Information from
"bristles on the carapace is Jasper Rice and Will Treffry.
Aside from the final two tracks, 'Faded Suburbs' was recorded and released over 2 days in november of 2009."
"Will resides in Sydney, Australia and his sound is heavily influenced by the deserted swamps, marshes and forests that are scattered around the outer suburbs of the city."

I also listened to the two paneye albums from linked there and particularly enjoyed the tracks "Erik Hell" and "The Clearing where she once stood" , both of which rightfully qualify as WTF material.

- Jeemobon

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The Sun Chips - Hot Fudge Mondays

The Sun Chips - Hot Fudge Mondays

So, this band, The Sun Chips, asked me to kindly review their . . . um, album.
Due to it's short length it's more like an EP if you wish to slap a record medium on it.
But anyway, what's going on here?
Lo-Fi immature experimental drugged-out high-pitched humorous genre-changing avant-pop.
They even use a drum machine.
Though, not only catchy, which is usually the last thing I look for in music, it's actually quite nice musically.
There I said.
I dig these guys.
Though I hate to do it, but for review transitional purposes I must, and if you haven't already guessed from my genre description above, these dudes sound a lot like Ween. Mang.
Incidentally, they even come from the same small town as Ween - New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Yes, my hometown as well.
And as Gene Ween, the lead singer from Ween, once stated - every young boy should have a baseball bat and a 4-Track.
Like so many other bands before them Ween opened a whole generation of kids up to making weird-o bedroom music on their 4-tracks. This was before the home DAW boom. Actually using the idea of the 4-track as part of the performance. Usually late at night and high on marijuana.
Many times conquering up audio collages of musique concrète, free improvisation, song form, and a lot more on a single 60 minute old cassette tape. With goals for it to go no further than within their circle of friends.
The Sun Chips definitely have the same vibe going here. And they do it so well.
There is something magical about younger people doing this. It is true experimental music. Figuring out everything as they go along - the anti-professional music. A lot of these recordings are extremely creative due to the fact that many of the kids making them are not what many people would call a "musician". That's the beauty of it!
In my eyes a 14 year old misfit boy holding up a hobby as a 4-trackist is much more inspiring than a child of the same age practicing old music on piano everyday and attending lessons once a week.
A lot of places around the world had seen the rise of bedroom recordings: Stevie R. Moore from Bloomfield, NJ - Davy Walklett from Yorkshire - Ghédalia Tazartès from France - Ju Suk Reet Meate - Azalia Snail - Gary Wilson - Hasil Adkins - Magical Power Mako from Japan started a who new thing with his home experiments and we can't forget the who German Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW) tape scene.
So, go download their album.
Get inspired or inspire a younger dude to record some nasty bedroom music.
It's a wonderful hobby!
The Sun Chips, my hat is off to your playful weirdness.


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Rob Jacobs - Tom Foolery Tour Compilation

Rob Jacobs - Tom Foolery Tour Compilation

With a quivering mushy voice, cut up backing percussion and bass, and smooth romantic strings, Rob Jacobs' Tom Foolery Tour Compilation makes for some smoothly fucked up listening. Nothing that will fuck your mind up too hard, the songs on the album set a mood of light chill with a slightly uneasy tension.

At first I listened to an earlier album of his called So Many Eyes, which featured much more acoustic guitar with pretty Brazilian chords and less percussion, but similarly styled strings and vocals, as well as general quirkiness. Then I realized that he had a newer album and was pleased to hear the music branch out a lot more, take more chances, and whip out more percussive sounds. And here this site we are always looking for music of such demented qualities.

The vocals are really demented. At first I thought they were kind of hip, but gradually they became simultaneously eerie, tense, a bit mental; all the vibrato, the throaty absurdness, the wide leaps and rolling melodies. They pervade the album, except for one instrumental track, "when the police." They carry the music, and without them the music wouldn't be half as wtf.

I assume this music was home-recorded, but Rob definitely went for a very clean production that is dry but lush with the arrangement of sounds. Another choice I assume was intentional was the clipping distortion on the louder parts. Definitely very careful arrangements which show off not only harmonic modulation trickery but also some playful color and cartoonish left turns. Many sounds appear and disappear. Still there is an overall consistency to the feel of the songs. Particular WTF highlights include the vacuum sound at the end of "black fly in my left eye" and the freak out flutes at the end of "it's spring again."

Then go to the music section, leave a comment, and let Rob know, hey your music is fucked up, thanks for sharing it with the world.


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Fat Worm of Error - Nzznzzzznnznznnnn

Fat Worm of Error - Nzznzzzznnznznnnn

When I first heard this music I loved it right away.
What is it? It's funny, even though mostly instrumental. When the vocals do come in they sound like a man with a boyish voice, or a goofy woman.
I downloaded Nzznzzzznnznznnnn from their website, here:

And became perplexed.
It's noisy! It's chaotic. It sparkles a bit. I felt that, among the pots and pans, sparse percussion, effects, noise machines, honkers and hooters, Magizzles and Sproinks, love must have been a main ingredient in this music.

Naturally, I did some investigation.
Their website says that they dwell in Northampton, MA and record out of a shack. According to the core is two people, "ex-Deerhoof members Chris Cooper and Jess Goddard." Hmm. Checked about that on wikipedia, found that around '96 they guested with Deerhoof and were members of Caroliner at the time. Oh.
I got around to checking their videos on youtube. Aha - looks like noise rock. Another thing. They're a good live band, but for the real wtf juice I suggest listening to this album. It goes places where a drum set and guitars alone cannot go.

- jeemobon

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Scissor Shock - Shrine to Salvaged Junk [EP]

Scissor Shock - Shrine to Salvaged Junk [EP]

I'm all about this way of making music.
It seems to be operated by one guy, Adam Cooley, with the help of various other people including the trombonist Aaron Booe.
This music is not afraid to intentionally sound weird - as a statement about them proclaims, "Scissor Shock quickly separated itself from fellow acts by being more artful and pretentious."
I'm not sure if that was said as a joke but I would consider it a good thing.
It is often said that music which tries to be weird is bad.
Or, that the strangest music is never intentional, that the musicians making said music are unaware of the bizarre quality of what they produce.
In some cases this may be true but I would argue that most of the time artists are highly aware that they are creating fucked up pieces of sound.
As is the case with Scissor Shock.
This EP is all over the place in it's own demented world.
To throw some known artists names around using the "It's as if . . ." method:
It's as if Caroliner were baby offsprings of The Residents and their playpen was the studio-house that Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" was recorded in and their friends baby Gene and Baby Dean from Ween came over to play.
If that makes sense.
And it shouldn't.
Home recorded weirdness done for the sake of being weird and having fun.
This is what it's all about.

You can find a lot of their tracks for free here:

Adam Cooley also makes fucked up films, dig into it here:


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