Incubi - Cornucopia, The Magus, Sphinx, Les Catacombes Mortes

Artist: Incubi

WTF albums: Cornucopia, The Magus, Sphinx, Les Catacombes Mortes

Tags: jump cut, spastic, free, contemporary, chamber, lo-fi, 8-bit, herky-jerky, drone, prog, noise, diverse, electronic, junk, ambient, space, psychedelic

WTF quality: A cornucopia of weirdness served with the most peculiar array of cutlery and decorum, with sudden vector-jumps into parallel worlds

Lifespan: 2010 -

Country: USA

So I was in the process of listening to and reviewing Incubi's album "Les Catacombes Mortes" when suddenly the dude appears on wtfmusic and posts a new song, something assuredly from beyond this world, with a link to his new album, "Cornucopia."
So here comes your wtf quadruple shot baking chowder smocha stencil-ectomy operation with soy sauce.

I'm trying to remember when I first heard Incubi's music. I think it was several months ago, perhaps in the late Spring. It was in the beginning of July. I checked the records. I remember now our great guru onionpalac telling me that this guy says he makes music in the vein of Zorn's Naked City. Checked the email records. He specifically cited the "Absinthe" album as a major influence to the "Les Catacombes Mortes." In the last couple weeks I've re-listened to that album a couple times, forgetting that it's completely different from Incubi's more herky jerky lopsided drunken swirling dervishes of controlled chaos. I completely lost track of that side of his art and had to re-pin him in my mind as a pure noise drone artist. Y'all will have to forgive me, my mind has been a sludge of wtf and after months of not hearing from a musician, I forget wtf they are and where they come from. Apparently Mr. John Wight is from Alaska, according to his wtfmusic member profile. Fits, this music does not come from a person who is plugged in at the core of the bustle of civilization. If it did that person would have to be severely mentally disconnected from it all. I hear the powerful impression of pure raw nature in this music. It is not concrete and radio waves, it is tundra and cumulus clouds. And no, this is not ambient mood music or even remotely close, nor is it in your face piles of genres stacked up against you an a spinning dimension. It's not pistols and hookers, it's narwhal tusks and lupin spores. There is a power of beauty in the music which one should could better not dismiss as only attempts at being strangely weird fucked up man. Listen to the honesty in the music - no posing, no bullshit, no claims to any bogus grandeur or intellectualism or punk-ism or staring the gaze of the eyes into the vacuum of ego-centrism. I want to say that it is highly organic. It grows, and yes it is highly mutated as well.

Les Catacombes Mortes might be French. Maybe it means the dead catacombs? Shall I research it? Anyhow this work bears resemblance to some other wtfmusic reviewed musicians, namely Nokhoi (but less harsh), or the releases from the Ephre Imprint Label (but less ambient). Dig your ears into the eerie rumbles, the shrouded harmonies, the distant choir moaning from the treetops, the rushes of wind, the horror movie underscore atmosphere, and the buried souls. For those of you not familiar with the "Absinthe" album, it's got some of Naked City's longer tunes on it (of course they were famous for the really quick jump cut stuff), averaging about 5 minutes and much more darkly ambient than most of their extreme drug-induced rape-homicide fandangoes. Of the Incubi music on which I write, this particular album comes the closest to genre: dark ambient. But there are lots of loose hinges, breaks, and hidden trap-doors which lead me down narrow secret ways. I start to feel creepy, like some cold air is moving down my neck, or spiders are crawling somewhere around my head, but things start jumping out at me, at random intervals, startling me from chilled to chilling, chilly to chillified, snapped, cold, damp, started again, and perplexed. The atmosphere of gloomy comfort which wraps about the genre doesn't sustain. I am lost in the catacombs.

If we take a time warp back to July, when I first heard this altered beast, we come to The Magus and kind of sit at the foot of this stone megalith thing and vacantly stare upwards, in reverse, so that the top of it starts to appear first, breaking the sky. But no sooner than I am whisked away by helicopter. My former self remains there, with all of you, just kind of like peering up at this stone megalith but never looking directly. There are many faces to it, they rotate. They are all different sizes, some electric, some primarily black tar resin, others plant-like, and yeah, it's not really something we're gonna look at all at once. More like a door opens, draws our attention towards it, it sings a bit, we sit in the grass and talk about world events and history, someone farts, we laugh, a little bit of snack time, a wee bit of frolicking, ... meanwhile the helicopter has landed and I'm kicking in broken windows, throwing pebbles, noticing the far-faded graffiti. My mind wanders a bit. With my headphones on, you hear some heavily distorted object percussion sounds, on a rampage. You hear a little bit of 8-bit grooves, spun on vinyl to the jank of a busted ukelele. Someone screams, again and again, meanwhile our picnic has dispersed, we're all climbing up various small grass-covered altars and sacrimonial mounds. The sancro-sinct mood keeps us at our wits, and we notice things, like the blackbird which just swooped into a high perch of the aspen, the caterpillar wriggling through the ivy, the way the shadow of a hat stretches into a figure 8 shape, and all these things meet in the roof of the empty warehouse. We spontaneously begin dancing, then we fall lightly, and land on our knees where we trudge upon knees, shake hair, head gazing down. The helicopter is now a boat, now a three wheeled taxi cart, now a bicycle, now a log bridge. Incubi concocts the punch, he spares no details. Each batch is potent and small - jello-shot sized. All are variously colored and strong-scented. What is The Magus? Is it this thousand faced megalith? Does it thrash upon vintage stratocaster in polyrhythmic spurts? What about the tribal tiki digi-god wearing a silicon hat and zapping the bunnies, making them dance as well? Does The Magus weild it? Day-glo trousers certainly make the eyes sleepy don't they. We're going to have to head home eventually, but the journey is only just getting underway. Have I seen this face before? Maybe from another angle, at another speed of rotation. This time it is red and hot like fire. Where did you go? We were all together and carefree... ah there we are, just kind of like looking up at the blue sky, maybe it's too blue today, yeah definitely too blue, and the leaves on the trees definitely a stronger tint of green than usual. Hey I brought some mini-taikos and circuit-bent tablas, wanna drone out on irregular rhythms? This album has 46 tracks. I better not spoil it all for you. You can definitely listen to this shit and fall victim to the flange-distortion. Total running time 51:39. The artist describes it as more a series of demos than a coherent album. It's a lot like deluxe granola cyber-gorp. Anyone ever eat that stuff when you go hiking? I know there are various names for it. The base of it is raisins and peanuts, often with m&ms. One thing I really can't tell but just assume to be, is if this was made by one single person. Let us take, for example, track 29, Meccatron - I can hear maybe two tracks of junk percussion, maybe two tracks of junk guitar, some junk bass, probably a couple junk tin horn things. Anyway I'll just plainly say that this album jumps around a lot, never lands anywhere for too long, is the work of a very hyperactive short attention span, and is heavily disjointed, in need of a good oiling but we can all appreciate that rustic squeak can't we.

Put on Sphinx now and listen with your ears. Maybe you think this sounds like The Magus. I did too, for a banana split second. But it's not, man, it's Sphinx. What does Sphinx eat? Magus? Dig the cryptic mythological nonsense sounding song titles. Notice a difference in sound quality here too. Also notice a change in density. The gritty dirty deep rumbly stuff got deeper and grittier and dirtier. The mystical shamanistic free-floating space rituals got more paisley coatings and neoclassical flourish, counterpoint, retrograde inversion, a more refined sense of orchestration if you will. Oh yes, we are still trodding, clunky, trumbling, trundling, flumbling, and not exactly light on our feet, but that doesn't mean this isn't "tight," the way a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is. Not only fast and bulbous... These are definitely controlled compositions, not flailing freely improvised romps. Again, the artist, on his blog, describes these works as a collection of separate works not intended for an album. Well screw this guy, he's written all about the works, I'm writing a review here, something from another viewpoint, go to the damn blog and read all about these works:
download his albums from there too.

Okay and now we're headed full circle to Cornucopia, a Thanksgiving Season feast of treats from nature's bounty. Have ritual sex on the altar of cornucopia. I love the album art on this one and I hope you do too. This is wtf gold right here. Incubi has found a world! Established base camp, integrated with the natives, conjured the spirits, been poisoned and purged, basically died and told the story of the impossible.

Okay I'm gonna pause now, I've been jumping around, and point out that I have been scouring incubi's blog as I write this, checking for facts and shit, and I just noticed two other albums not mentioned or linked on, one is an unfinished album which is based off of the artwork by "Nabraxis."
And the other is an electronic album, Eureka.
Yeah so Cornucopia wasn't mentioned anywhere on the blog. I'm gonna assume the guy is extremely prolific, all of this stuff having been made in this year, all of it extremely diverse, and that the new unreleased album is yet another fruit in the orchard not yet ripened, and the guy hasn't updated his blog since he suddenly found this massive cornucopia lying at his doorstep.
As for Eureka, well I'm downloading it now and will write about it shortly. Ok, unraring ... importing to itunes ... first thing I noticed is the lovely nature bird sounds and the calming ambience. I could sink into this and be at peace. I don't think this music is special taylored for, but it shows more of Incubi's diversity, another fascinating facet to unfold. I recommend this download. But I will move on back to Cornucopia, as it is this particular work that I intend to feature as the WTF spotlight of epic glory.

What I wanted to say about this, is that this plays like an album, the tracks settle into a nice narrative flow. So we got a little taste with The Magus and Sphinx, we got our dark atmosphere with Catacombes, and now we're in that distant universe of Incubi's mind. Taste the plenty. Imagine the hallucinogenic, distorting landscape, close your eyes, and open them to suddenly find yourself in a room, looking through a window at the land from another angle. Close and open again. This time in an inverted plane, where the land is behind our field of vision, in front is a view into an elliptical mirror. Stand up, turn to the side, now you find yourself in the eco-habitation, in the undergrowth. 9 tracks this time, with longer playing times, which means the music has more time to develop, achieve is space, settle into its drone, mutate accordingly, and carry us fully mind and body into its abyss. The jump cuts are still there, in full force, sometimes ripping us out of our socks and into the slushy ice, but they are contained, not overdone, and pull the tension strings of our mind just enough for us to string along without losing our balance and falling flat on our asses. Man just look at this fucking spread in front of you. Tastes you never imagined, crunchy delicious buttery textures, savory flavors, sparkling spices, and luscious delicacies. Oh shit, Uncle Jim farted again. Doesn't matter, we all laugh, smile as we point in memory of the stone megalith we once all picnicked in front of, make table percussion ragas with our silverware, speak gibberish, and throw the bones to the dog-romulus. Leave room for seconds, followed by dessert and a ritual appetizer. We drink some mystic concoction, and yes fumes are pouring forth from it. This time we gone too far. Are we at a table, or in the innards of the altered beast? Who the fuck is singing that goofy spiritualistic drawl with the fiddle faddle? Yeah we're still in low-fi DIY territory. It tells a story of pain and loss, agony, loneliness, despair, mirth, curiosity at life, fondness of the ecosystems and the microcosmos, and a will to sing, an overflowing passion for What The Fuck. See if we haven't returned to the catacombs by the last track. For a moment you will wonder if what you are hearing is the hum of your electronic devices or if the music has stopped.
Let's wash those pots and pans.

- Jeemobon


Artist: Lezet


Tags: jazz, improvisation, guided improvisation, free improvisation, experimental, spoken word, avant-jazz, avant-garde, jazz-electro, free jazz, eclectic

WTF quality: Strange but humorous amalgamations of familiar and unfamiliar sound materials, some live, some data-mined, some electronic, all mixed together and left to marinade in their own juices.

Lifespan: 2009 -

Country: Serbia

Some people might see Lezet as just another Serbian bloke who makes sound sculptures, but clever people like me, who talk loudly in restaurants, hear in his work a craftsmanship and sheer stubbornness far beyond the everyday, and, if we can be bothered, set about proving it.
He is most definitely not an easy creature to catch, and struggles furiously when you try, occasionally biting back.
He is certainly prolific (38 albums, as of today's date, but what's today, Thursday? I expect one around half past two); but does quantity mean quality?
I'm delighted to say in Lezet's case the answer is a jubilant "yes"; variety, brevity and quality of source material contribute to an astounding array of challenging, not to say (indeed as he says himself) annoying music that gets both into your head like a manic weevil, and up your nose like a cotton bud wrapped in steel wool.
He bills himself as a "one-man music project", and enjoys being likened to John Cage, or "Zorn without the Saxophone", but these are not fair representations of his style and energy, and certainly not his individuality.
First up:-

Andre Vida & Lezet - Invasive.

Here's how I imagine it went down:-
1. Andre Vida and Lezet met for brunch.
2. They consumed a quantity of diced, raw cheetahs, with rocket-propellant sauce.
3. Someone said "Let's make an album, now."
4. Lezet won the toss, and got use of the scalpel.

The result of this dangerous game was a three-piece suite; two matching armchairs ("Bastardation" (sic) and "Bastardation (variation)") flanking a hefty sofa ("Warped"), but what's "Invasive" about that? Simply the fabric in which they are covered; a sort of gnarly, irritating moquette commonly used in station waiting rooms, or to make you feel even more uncomfortable at the rash clinic. The threads of this curious cloth are provided by the transients, key-clacks and mouthpiece chewings of Andre Vida, who is doubtless a stirring saxophonist; it's just that Lezet has not left enough of Mr. Vida's work to allow an opinion to be formed. I am glad though that there are a few tempting morsels of riffs and nitrous-oxide fueled high-end runs, sufficient to entice me into further acquaintance with his output.
This is the kind of intricate upholstery on which several TV dinners have been spilled, on which much fumbling love has been made by carefree teenagers, and within which opinion is divided as to the size, density and potency of the microbes that are an inevitable result. If you are the gambling type, though, it's well worth the risk of contagion to lounge around in it for the nearly 31 minutes of it's duration, if only to boast that you have passed the "aural challenge".
The overall effect of Lezet's take on furniture music is to make you fidget, but that's a good thing. It makes you pay close attention to what might be crawling up your trouser leg. That's what is "Invasive" about it.

Lezet - MELD4
And so we move on to lot Meld4, a nest of occasional tables constructed lovingly in the style of the early 21st century. Notice, if you will, the discreet, understated design, with each piece growing progressively in size and complexity. (At this point (I'm glad to relate) our furniture correspondent takes a well-earned sabbatical.)
This work approaches a more "does what it says on the tin" attitude, and Lezet has mind-melded (cf. Star Trek) with a whole bunch of other musicians to produce four pieces in a host of mouth-watering combinations of artists and styles. The roll-call here is impressive:- not least John Hughes on Double Bass and Lars Scherzberg on Saxophone, but also the "lesser luminaries"; Frederique Bruyas (France), Xabier Iriondo (Italy), [-hyph-] aka Nicolas Wiese (Germany), Total Oral Maniac (France), Bryan Lewis Saunders (USA), Josep Damman (USA), Matthias Boss (Switzerland). Don't be fooled into thinking that this is just another homage to free-jazz, for Lezet puts his own very individual stamp on it from beat one, and doesn't once loosen his Vulcan Death Grip on the virtual baton.
I have to be honest and say that I still prefer the earlier Meld2, but 4 does have more depth spatially, and is not quite as "in your face"; 2 is like being attacked by Spanish hornets on crack, whereas 4 is more like being jeered at by Jamaican ants on weed. It's just a matter of how you prefer your infestation.
Again this is challenging; again it rewards patience; again you will be dazzled by the rapid restlessness and jittery brushstrokes of a man armed with nothing but some soundclips, an industrial bacon-slicer, and a dream.

Lezet - Caged?
This time Our Hero takes on the Holy of Holies, John Cage no less, but fear not. This is a cheeky "tip o' the hat" to Cage's prepared piano works.
It appears that no innocent pianos were harmed in the making of these ten short pieces, as Lezet seems to have sampled a pre-prepared piano previously in preparation or post-produced a posted prepared piano or not. You work it out.
This is not an entirely serious work, as you can gather from the blurb uploaded by the "long-awaited" netlabel that it purports to launch, but I'm not going to hazard a guess as to where the samples themselves originated.
This is well worth a listen, if you have 15 minutes to spare, if only for the unexplained use of "the first sound file ever, recorded by Edouard-Leon de Martinville on the Phonoautograph (1860)" in the last track on the EP.

Lezet - Distorted Piano Recordings
This is a recording of piano music...erm....distorted. So what?
Wait. That isn't the only point he's trying to make. This is probably the biggest challenge of the lot.
Although he's left the piano tracks in there, he doesn't want you to listen to them. They're only in there as a guide. There are further instructions from His Majesty:- listen to the distortion. Listen carefully to the distortion. You will start to notice that although the levels on the distortion don't change, the distortion itself changes in texture, the piano lines do different things. Playing chords introduces harmonics into the distortion; playing counterpoint introduces sidebands that change the output "in surprising ways".
The annoyance here (and I don't know whether it's intentional) is that all these tracks are recorded at approaching 0db, and just stay there. It's very difficult to follow the instructions when your eardrum membranes are getting peeled away one layer at a time. I urge you to turn the volume down to 4% (not by, to) before pressing play.
Otherwise, it's a beautiful use of a known phenomenon. The track lengths vary; the first is just over 16 minutes, but the next is only 3 or so, and the last only 1' 22'', but what the fuck, come on, feel the noise.

Lezet's work is available on several different netlabels, among them the embryonic suRRism-Phonoethics, and the more mature Meatronic, both of which hide a wealth of material for your further edification.


Pilesar / Daniel Euphrat - Chamber of the Egg


Artist profile - - - ..... Syntax()_+|}{":\=-3357**4dqueeeznn.n.nnn

appellation: Pilesar / Daniel Euphrat

product format: Digital silicon encoded sound reproduction

total running time: 25'26"

product title: Chamber of the Egg

implements used: various shaped metallic objects including heat-forged and curved discs rods and irregularly shaped resonators, smaller sphere-like chambers assembled into string mesh and shaken, large cut and polished tree-slabs shaped into curved box-like hollow resonator apparatuses with tight metal strings attached harmonically excited with human finger or plastic plectrum, other similar stretched-string devices with thin copper wire wound around magnets used to transfer electromagnetic waves from the string vibrations, plastic digital silicon encoded white and black spring levered key machines processed through software manipulation and pushed with human fingers, a complex mechanical device utilizing air pumped via cloth and animal hide in a serrated elastic pattern through very thin synthetic polymer reeds which vibrate intensely, various dried plant material such as seed husk gourd and stalk material which generate rather inharmonic high frequencies when shaken or struck with long thin tree fragment cylinders, further electronic devices also utilizing silicon encoded algorithms for transferring vibrational energy through rubber coated copper wiring from thin membranes vibrating over magnets transferred into further silicon data storage mechanisms, various lengths of long flat rectangular tree fragments lined in rows and struck with long sticks with hard spherical terminuses, circular sheets of plastic stretched tightly over a short and wide cylindrical metallic frame and beaten with tree sticks, similarly shaped but taller cylindrical hollow tree trunk frames stretched over with animal hide, hollowed elongated cylindrical tree sticks with several holes pressed and released by human fingers while air is blown from the lungs and vibrates through a notched cut in the chamber, human vocal cord vibrations through lung pressure

time period: 2008 Earth rotations after an arbitrary and inaccurately measured historical event

Earth location: The North American continent, in the cold far Eastern region

purpose of creation: excitement of brain activity induced by the process of sound manipulation and storage for reproduction. Increased and stimulation of cortical zone interchange from audial perception of the finished product streamed from digital core into interface magnet cone amplification devices.

subtle effects of amplified audial stream: tested on a control group of randomly chosen subjects wearing cupped plastic magnetic membrane over the ears and strapped over cranial area devices, effects included closed eyes, increased toe and finger movement, slight pupil dilation, heart rate slightly decreased, breathing at a regular stasis rate, slow swaying of body and rotation of upper spinal column, generally relaxed seating position. Subjects also reported a feeling of comfort as well as curiosity and bewilderment.

analysis: the two humans plus auxiliary third responsible for the creation of this digitally silicon based encoded information stored on various chips spread throughout the planet, show signs of abnormal but generally peaceful behavior, through the expression manifest in this particular sound reproduction. They tend to produce sounds layered in harmonically and timbrally interrelated formations of spectral integration. A pattern of regular intervals of time is prevalent in many of the subdivisions of the whole body of work, of which there are 9. These intervals have been calculated to be repetitions of groups of 8, 6, and 14, occasionally with irregularities in which the patterns are varied in length but maintain regularity of the pulsation of time intervals between amplitude peaks. The patterns of the various implements are interlayed and vary at intervals usually several times within the confines of one interval of subdivision of the whole. On some of the subdivisions the regularity of repetition is approximated over several seconds and may very in overall length, causing the effect of a sense of protruding amplitude peaks over time as rolling through more complex curve analysis. Thus pulsation, while occurring in a sequential array of similar timbral results from a continuation of vibration effected on the implements used, is variable in time intervals on many of the subdivisions of the whole. The result of this whole is what humans speak in their tongues as word in the English language known as drone.

Transmission received from Jeemobon from the planet Hintra

link to digitally encoded upon silicon storage mechanism:

Object Music

The Everyday Household Objects Marathon has run its course and is now downloadable in album format.  The concept was simple - record music with objects.  Obviously.
Thanks to all those who entered submissions!

I love object sounds and and it is no hyperbole to say that this marathon has been a big influence on my life. I love resonating objects baby . . .

To download this as an album, click here:

This was great fun and hopefully some day we can make a volume 2.
So break out the utensils and start pounding out some rhythms.




Tags: progressive, synth, duo, hyper, electronic rock, cartoon, noise

WTF Quality: Concise, quick to the punch, windy grindy mind jabbing music

Lifespan: 2010 -

Country: USA

Well fuck, here we go.

And how can you say can you say how can an album that is so short, an album under 10 minutes, really be an album? What the fuck is that?
That's right assholes. Listen to this shit for 9 minutes and 34 seconds and jiggle your body and be done with it. Come back when you get a chance!
Have some fun with it too.
God damned motherfucking breakdancing clowns from hell.
When you're ready for action get into the DEMON SQUEEZE and purge them shits cause it's like your tripping down a roller-coaster highway on the tip of a vinyl needle under the spell of an evil sorceress who wants your blood.
Pulse it through your veins and try not to succumb to the urge to drive head into oncoming traffic while screaming the surrealist manifesto at the top of your lungs. If you can muster up such guster, which I doubt, but try anyway,
When the purple onions arrive from their cribs in the subatomic chamber, attempt to be friendly, feign interest in their foreign drawl about motorcar racing and subterranean scuba diving bearing in mind all the while that they are putrid and must return to their realm of degeneration and decay so that they might not stink up your life too much. It's worth it in the end, trust the words of the forgotten fiddle salesman.
That is not to say that it will not last an eternity and several percentages thereof while you put on the headphones and say fuck all to all, say fuck you to the businessman and the schoolboy as they innocently plot their journey. Fucking scream at them that all is love and maybe somehow one or two of them might get the mirage, sing in their soul for half a moment, make you step out of your ego trip.
TUMBLEWEAVE through your day. Collect detritus through static electricity and plow fields of old clover, the ambient shit is over there in the left aisle, the forgotten whirlpool of deceased rocking chairs.
Put your beats in this basket and crush them with your toes. Looks like some messy gory disaster don't it. Tweak. Asylum of fools in the south corner and framework of pulsation driving the geese into the outer chamber. If it was a modular synthetic FM additive envelope filter charging plutonic jiro-beams into your soup, you better eat it. Best that way.
TUMBLEWEAVE both tumble and weave. In your soup as you taste the salty bits. And just put it in a fucking blender anyway, cause all is malevolent compassion from the bits of nothing that formulate the little jiggly seeds of the strings.
DEMON SQUEEZE might alter you in some way, but it might not. When you listen through speakers, the sound that comes out reverberates through the air-space of the chamber in which those speakers are placed, so there is likely to be some sort of ambient effect. When listened through headphones or earphones, the bulge pops out.
It's a big fucking bulge, it might even infiltrate your pants. Scary as that may be, the bulge is like a saucer of milk to your kitten. The ambiance was fed to the dinosaurs and the moon came howling at your door. You were like Fuck Off Moon, but the dinosaurs begged for seconds and were relieved of their urinal duty. Then finally the foxes came to shine. They shone so brightly in your eyes that you suffered an attack of tunnel vision, and at the far side of that vivid pulsating light was a spectrograph, indicating all states past present future sideways through the 11th dimension and inner that could be represented by your garden variety hardware store navigation system, suffering from poor radio wave transmission and dying batteries. Which is quite a lot anyway.
When TUMBLEWAEVE roll lazily into your town, you'll be like, well there goes another day, another whisp in the breeze for old life of mine here that trundles forth from the plasma drip goo of civilization, and the frontiers of everglade spaces where frogs chirp to the trees and we all feel like getting high. Another wave upon the ripple in the pool of undermined minted pure crave sanitation veins of gas electric septic drainage other concrete yo mama gosh gosh gosh hitherto unfolded paper pears with wholes sticking out of their reptile crotches, crocheting to the beat of a million synthopedes. Proto chimp clandestine spaz blistic brazen grolst pentagonal glyph apocalyptic crypt swift drip slinky brink glade freeze pylon break stem quiff dronst bragnol gwarf trimp splode

Download or buy -


Ghouls 'n Eggs - Monsters At My Door

Artist: Ghouls ´n Eggs

WTF Album: Monsters At My Door

Tags: horror, dark, ambient, industrial, noise, electronic

WTF Quality: A nightmarish series of visions

Lifespan: 2008 -

Country: Brazil


Enter the nightmare

the story about a man who enters other dimensions while sleeping and encounters worlds of unspeakable horror.

perdido has graced the halls of WTF for some time, assuming the moniker of "Ghouls'n Eggs", assumedly a reference to Edith the egg lady from Pink Flamingos (in his avatar), and ... ghouls, which are like ghosts I think. It all makes sense.

With the computer paint style cover art drawn by LFC, the fucking crazy lucas himself, a longtime friend and fellow of perdido, master of fucked up sick ass imaginary worlds of hellish chaos and cartoonish fantasy terror, how can this possibly go wrong??? It can't!!!

Traces of horror film ambience, dark winds, ghostly howls, chilling wind, mist, haunted groves, clinking bones, burning synapses, piles of shit, horrendous demons the mere sight of whom arouses an intense spasm of vomiting, decrepit souls in a constant state of hopeless despair and decay, endless evil lurking around every corner and behind your shoulder, doom doom and a hyper-accelerated sucking vortex of doom doom and doom, zero gravity, a skeletal hallucination, a heavy weighing layer upon layer of the approaching of something much more hideous than death itself, and the heavily approaching pounding mathematical juggernaut who enslaves you into a beyond infinite nay multi-infinite matrix of impossible tasks which if failed will be duly punished with the cruelest and most insidious infliction of pure pain the likes of which you even in your worst moments in this mortal coil could never have imagined, all permeate.

perdido is something of a techno wizard, which is apparent as an influence in this music. There are no beats, no hooks, no buildups, no breakdowns, no typical trappings of a techno artist, but the sounds themselves are the workings of an electronic musician. It starts with the quarter note bass octaves on the first track, "lullaby for old people," a very synthy techno in an otherwise dark atmospheric track. With the almost whispered, childlike, close-miked semi-moronic vocals, we are primed for the fucked up journey that is to come. In other tracks, there is a layering of percussiver rhythms, as in the deep throbbing booms, muted train-like drones, and insect-like click-rhythms of "reaching for the abyss." Every track is such a hidden mechanical chamber in a labyrinthine dungeon of a very fucked up universe.

WTF music is very excited that this album has been made specifically for our freaky ass website. A great WTF blessing of madness upon us. perdido, from his haunted crib of egg loving, creates nightmarish monsters. "Monsters at my Door" has a narrative feel from track to track, each tale connecting fragments of a disturbed mind, lost and without a trace of hope.

Then we wake up.

- Jeemobon


download all of perdido's albums!
Ghouls ´n Eggs - Ghouls ´n Eggs (2007) - 4 tracks (11 mb)
Ghouls ´n Eggs - Ghouls ´n Eggs Revenge (2008) - 6 tracks (Vangelus with LFC) (10mb)
Ghouls ´n Eggs - Ghouls ´n Eggs 4 (2008) - 4 tracks in collab with LFC (9mb)
Ghouls ´n Eggs - PPPOOORNNNNSTAAARS (2008) - 5 tracks (10mb)

[EDIT] - How about some Ghouls 'n Ghosts shots to get us in the scary mood!

Gonken - Mechanical Christ In My Basement

Artist: Gonken

WTF Album: Mechanical Christ in my Basement

Tags: noise, bent circuit, radio, collage, spoken word, christian, mockery

WTF Quality: A Christian noise album inspired by an unintended radio signal

Lifespan: 2010 -

Country: USA


My brothers and sisters in Christ,

A most grave and disturbing matter has come to my attention that we must together face with the steadfast belief in the power of our Heavenly Father, for it is this unshakable faith that forms our rock, our foundation which will always prevail in the face of adversity.

A young fellow, a troubled soul and reckless heathen by the name of J. Gonken has desecrated our divine sanctuary and our covenant. Our church and our congregation has been ridiculed and cursed, and it is now our responsibility to evangelize and set straight he who has trespassed against us.

Some days ago, my friends, I received a copy of an audio recording, a CD bearing the name of "Mechanical Christ in my Basement." And it is full of hate, sin, and the vilest sounds that I personally have ever heard in the entire time that I have walked this Earth. It is satanic and poison, and I dare not let anyone else hear it for fear that it may be heard by some of the impressionable youngsters among us. The sounds themselves are too many and too wicked to mention, but I will provide you with a small depiction of their venomous effect.

Imagine the howling of a demon, a damned soul. Picture and hear in your mind, for a moment, the flickering sun-hot flames of hell. Imagine the unspeakable depravity: a horde of writhing serpents, the clash and grind of chains and whips, a bacchanalian orgy of sinful pleasure, a dark mass held in a luciferian hall of worship. This is what I see when I heard this CD, something I can only refer to as an insult to God's beautiful gift of music. It is anti-music, just as the devil is anti-god. The sounds grind against the ears, damage the senses, undoubtedly and maliciously inflicting wounds to the ears and to the soul. They may not be the loudest or heaviest sounds, and believe me, I know what heavy metal rock and roll can sound like: awful repetitive pounding infantile hateful nonsense music, but this heavy metal music I speak of at least uses musical instruments and some semblance of melody and rhythm, thus it can at least be called a distorted form of music. But this Gonken CD I hold here in my hand, this atrocity, can not even rightfully be called music. Honestly folks, I think at times it may be the voice of an evil machine, a satanic computer. It is unwholesome and unnatural. I couldn't listen past the second track - after that I had to skip through them. All the same. All nonsense. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

But not only that, my friends, not only is this the most offensive kind of sound imaginable, but this man who calls himself Gonken, this minion of satan, has stolen our voice. It is true. He has somehow eavesdropped in on our services and recorded the sound of my sermons, unbeknownst to us all. Perhaps he is among us at this very moment! [hushed gasping and curious gaping from the congregation]. Yea, one must never underestimate the deception of the dark lord of hell. He can assume any form, and he can blend into any situation, even in the holiest of earthly places. Thus we are never safe, never entirely free from his grasp. And he will tempt you to a life of sin, and that is why we must resist. By capturing the sound from this hall of worship and splicing in with his anti-music, he has committed a most grievous offense against us. It is a spit in the face of our heavenly father. As followers of the teachings of Christ I urge you to search your souls and pray for this demented creature.

Now we as Christians must search our hearts and ask ourselves - can such a soul truly be redeemed? Can we evangelize and convert him, show him the light and the truth of God's eternal love as expressed through the death of his only son? Can he open his heart and beg for forgiveness for his sins, cleanse his soul, and be baptized in the holy waters? Or is he too far gone, forever a spawn of the devil? For his transformation must be perfectly complete, otherwise he will surely slip into the lake of fire with the other tortured souls.

I say that if he does indeed walk among us, we must fear him, we must not be caught by his clutches, for even if we read the most enlightening passages and convey God's love, surely he will laugh at us and mock us as he has with this CD. Do not let him corrupt us, we are the pillars of the house of God, and we do not shake. If he is to willingly convert and confess to his innumerable sins, we are to accept him as a brother in Christ. Notwithstanding such circumstances, he is to be banished from our sight, that he may never set foot or microphone upon these premises again.

In God's name we pray:
Dear Heavenly Father, let us be strong in our faith and steadfast in our ways. We pray that you through your infinite wisdom can shine your light of truth upon this lost soul who calls himself J. Gonken.
In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


-Pastor Jeemobonus

[ admin's editorial comment - This review by Pastor Jeemobonus does not reflect the opinions or religious views of this site's creators, which are basically magick ritual orgy. We follow up on this sermon with a review by Jeemobon]

As the legend goes,
The subject matter of this release was born of a freak accident. I was practicing for a noise show that I got asked to perform at and by doing so in my basement with a combination of a circuit bent keyboard and a cheap radio shack cable, I picked up a broadcast from a local church down the street. So I decided to record the practice set and this is what I got. The more I listened to it, the more I was drawn into it. A real modern miracle.
- J. Gonken

And what could be more fucked up than the bible, or firebrand preachers sermoning about the bible? In the glory of all that is WTF, now we have an album of noise music to accompany these crazy sermons.

From the opening track of the album we have this glorious teaching:
Wives submit yourselves into your own husbands as under the lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church, and he is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.
Yes, this is what many Christians believe. Soon the preacher's voice becomes morphed into a synth-like unintelligible garble. And it is this morphing that defines Gonken's personal aesthetic and response to this teaching. Mockery through noise. If we think about typical stereotypes of the kind of emotions usually conveyed by noise musicians, some of the first things that usually spring to mind: darkness, insanity, aggression, fuck you and fuck it all, despair. Of course, there is much more to electronic noises (just listen to some member music from this site), and Gonken is not simply a sneering, angry, raving hater who destroys the sermon with walls of destruction. A lot of it is done in a sparse way. The message is vaguely understandable and Gonken plays around the words with beeps, swoops, hisses, low tones, rumbles, and mini-drones. The voice bubbles out from muddled tones, becomes engulfed by static, is twisted and filtered, until it too is nothing more than noise. A fucked up quote from the bible to expand on this idea:
‘Look!’ he said. ‘The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! Come, let’s go down and confuse the people with different languages. Then they won’t be able to understand each other.’
Genesis 11:6-7

The words became babble, like the sound of rain or insects. Meaningless. And God did it to confuse us! But Gonken does it to mock, to play, to have fun with it because it's all so weird and WTF. To the uncompromising noise musician, all sound is available to be used, as sound, to create music. But to the hardcore Christians, everything fits into the perspective of Christ, as the quote about wives illustrates, and just as is mentioned in the last track on the album: "and so this love has to be a sincere love." Believe with all your heart and be saved. Another sermon quote from the album:
the word of god declares that the way of sin is [???] that there is going to be damnation for your sins, and that cannot be mutated, that cannot be changed, that cannot be set aside in any way ...
I will interject at this point that when I grew up I was taken to church every sunday and taught this exact lesson - that there will be hell to pay for your sins. And of course the church has used this line for centuries to scare people into following and believing. There it is, again and again, right until this modern age and doubtless into the future. There are all kinds of Christians, a rainbow of beliefs, some very loose and vague, like the universalist unitarians who allow total room for personal interpretation and barely even mention Jesus at all (I played organ for one of those churches for a while). And then there are the ultra-conservatives who seem to carry out every action as if their life is dictated by Christ's teachings and the bible. The sermons on "Mechanical Christ" would fall into this category. (Also let's not forget the nuts who hand out pamphlets about the coming apocalypse, and rave on and on about the evils in the world). Oh wait, those nuts who rave on the street and the conservative well-dressed clean cut baptist minister preach the same thing! Also quoted in the album:
And in this time when we're living, when we're right near the end and we see that marvelous statement of Revelations ...
So in everything we do, from our daily family lives and in all our activities, we must follow Christ. Because if we give in to a life of sin, we will be damned to hell. Also, time for this world is running out, and soon we will all be judged. But what does Gonken have to say about all this? "People get too wrapped up in what they believe is right."

Which you can see in the world around us very easily. Politicians and people in power throughout history and even today hold these very beliefs, take them very seriously, and take these beliefs to the extreme of holy wars, and other bullshit like teaching creationism in science class. Well shit, that's debatable, isn't it, there's no proof for evolution! Right, that's why we have so many religious freaks in the world ...

Eventually as the album progresses, Gonken's music takes over, but still the many appearances of the sermon pervade the whole listening experience, and it seems that they are lurking behind the textures and more thickly layered sections. As stated earlier, it's all noise. "Mechanical Christ In My Basement" strikes the chord of absurdist resonance within the zealous voice of Christian doctrine.

The album will be made available for download shortly.

I leave you with some fucked up quotes from the bible, many gleaned from other community message boards, and the particularly useful


There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses
Ezekiel 23:20
If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the girl's virginity can be found, she shall be brought to the door of her father's house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done a disgraceful thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father's house. You must purge the evil from among you.
Deuteronomy 22:20-21

Women should learn quietly and submissively. I do not let women teach men or have authority over them. Let them listen quietly. For God made Adam first, and afterward he made Eve. And it was not Adam who was deceived by Satan. The woman was deceived, and sin was the result.
1 Timothy 2: 11-15 

So Judah told Onan, “Go and sleep with your brother’s widow; it’s the duty of a brother-in-law to keep your brother’s line alive.” But Onan knew that the child wouldn’t be his, so whenever he slept with his brother’s widow he spilled his semen on the ground so he wouldn’t produce a child for his brother. God was much offended by what he did and also took his life.
Genesis 38:8-10

If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.
Leviticus 20:13

If a man beats his male or female slave with a club and the slave dies as a direct result, the owner must be punished. But he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property.
Exodus 21:20-21

If two Israelite men get into a fight and the wife of one tries to rescue her husband by grabbing the testicles of the other man, you must cut off her hand. Show her no pity.
Deuteronomy 25:11-12 

David and his men went out and killed two hundred Philistines. He brought their foreskins and presented the full number to the king so that he might become the king’s son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage.
1 Samuel 18:27 

Don’t have sex with your father’s wife. That violates your father.
Leviticus 18:8

From there Elisha went up to Bethel. On the way some boys came out of the city and made fun of him. They said to him, “Go up too, you baldhead! Go up too, you baldhead!” Elisha turned around, looked at them, and put a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two mother bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the boys to pieces.
2 Kings 2:23-24
If a man happens to meet in a town a virgin pledged to be married and he sleeps with her, you shall take both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death--the girl because she was in a town and did not scream for help, and the man because he violated another man's wife. You must purge the evil from among you.
Deuteronomy 22:23-24

Various Artists - Classwar Karaoke - 0011

Artist: Various

WTF Album: Classwar Karaoke - 0011

Tags: experimental avant-garde electroacoustic electronic experimental electronic jazz musique concrete noise poetry prepared instruments tapeism

WTF Quality: A diverse selection; each track has its own unique sound, within the overlying unity of the tags above.

Lifespan: 2010 -

Country: Various


Collaboration is key.

Classwar Karaoke compiles the works of many artists into 22 tracks of twists and turns, something fresh and new at every corner.

You will hear -

sound sculpture
contemporary chamber music
abstract beats
ambient drone
environment sounds
percussion realm-scapes
collage musique concrete
audio images
journeys through vibration fields
noise painting
glittering rays of harmonic pulsation
synthetic clouds
outer spaceways
primordial howlings
transcendental fabric
time sway
cyclical winding
broken circuit transmissions
electroacoustic textures
psychedelic spree
digital experimentation
distorted thoughts
twisty tape
prepared technique extensions
microscopic moments in sequence
neoclassical ruins

This review is timely to coincide with the household objects marathon on wtfmusic, as many of the performers on here, yup, make music with objects.

This music is not the highest on the WTF meter. It ranks mid-level. What we call "experimental" these days has become familiar to many with a taste for new expressions in music. Without fucking our minds too much, the music is nevertheless forward looking, not backward, adventurous, bold, and at many points, highly strange. As a whole it is a nicely packaged work, very satisfying to listen to, tasteful, never offensive. It definitely belongs on this site because it is still well outside the realms of what is normally considered normal. And we like stuff that is not normal. This is the 11th volume(I think); having been informed of CK volume 10 by another wtfmusic member and understanding the quality of music put into these, I will be sure to check back next time a new one is compiled.

Since there are 22 tracks, I will now undergo the task of briefly introducing each artist featured in this volume of Classwar Karaoke to curious readers and listeners. The Classwar Karaoke site can be found here:

A brief summary of each track is provided. I have dug up some extra details and links for each of these artists to create a mini profile for each. In the process of doing so I noticed many connections between them via various labels and groups.

These artists are all basically European and American, representing improvisational and electro-acoustic composition styles of western music, each with a unique personal flavor.

6 or 7:
Hopek Quirin from Berlin plays drum machine and radio. A member of avant-garde chamber trio ABQ, whose music superimposes noise with tonality.

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency:
Ritualistic dark electroacoustic haunting landscapes, influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and Aliester Crowley.

Ambient Fabric
From Norway. I think their name says it all. Download albums straight from their myspace page.

A Band from London playing improvised meditations on found and broken objects, all acoustic, or electroacoustic. Interesting website.

Anton Mobin
From France. A sound artist, working with field recordings, objects, sound diaries, sound documentation.
audio blog:


Aunt Benny
Aunt Benny is a member of this thing in Northern UK called zooligic, or zoologia, not sure which. At the mud-pat-farm. I don't know, all I can say is mysterious. Very mysterious. The video is from these two guys, David Cunliffe and Adrian Beentjes, credited on the classwar karaoke site. Very strange myspace page.

Also from England, "a noise sensation of pure guitar abuse."

Ayato & Anton Mobin
These two play together as "Crash Duo" ... Anton has already been mentioned, Ayato's page is below. They are "Both active members of the collective H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD" also linked below. France. Use of tape, radio, and strange rarities of archaic technological sound devices.

Beentjes Donovan Johnco
Colin Johnco is a member of Dr. Drone, from Paris, and he also has his own record label. Again we have Adrian Beentjes from the very strange and mysterious zoologic thing. Anthony Donovan has a solo project called Murmurists which incorporates music, film, writing, and visual art.

Bryan Lewis Saunders & Audra Dawn Fleming
Bryan lives in Tennessee and is a kind of intense cathartic performance artist. He makes a self-portrait every day.
Audra may or may not be the keyboardist for a Rock Band from Portland Oregon...

Chevo Légé
strange music from France. Yes!

Connor Donovan Packer
Anthony Donovan has been mentioned. Neil Packer plays guitar and objects, and was a member of Psychiatric Challenge, on the Electronic Musik label run by Ian Simpson, a member of this site. Will Connor is a percussionist and member of the Vultures quartet, a London based Improv / composition group (Donovan is also a member). He also plays many objects. Another of his solo projects is called seesar.

Denis McCarthy
Denis mc carty, from Lyon France, makes "*Unschool Hip-Hop* *Experimental Noises* *Alternative Poetry*"

EHEIM 1000.220 & PAS
Germany. Solo electronics, audio-visual work. Conceptual.
New York. PAS (Post Abortion Stress) specializes in sound + video, now active as a collective collage unit.

"Ambient. Weirdbient. Chill." Also this person seems to be a nature lover. His hame is Robert Nunnally, he is from Texas, and he shares his music freely with the world.

Jonas Ruchenhever
Tags: sound art experimental music minimal ambient noise drone
From Belgium

Juan Antonio Nieto
Spanish composer who uses the name Pangea, creating rich textures from rough sounds.

UK psychedelic artist.

Experimental Serbian artist with 37 albums released from labels around the world.

Her name is Susanne Hafenscher, she is an Austrian solo ambient artist.

Noise Research
Noise Research has been documented and reviewed here at WTFM:

One Minute Wanda
She is from Northern UK, her music is strange! It's like outsider avant pop-beat messed up stuff. Short songs.

Pythagora & Pilectro
Pythagora: Swedish Ambient
Pilectro: Swedish Ambient
they join forces for ultimate double swedish ambient!

UK noise ambient drone

The Thud Experiment
Virtually no information could be found via the internet on these chaps: Jack Derbyshire, David Cunliffe, and Noel Kidd. Cunliffe is somehow connected with Aunt Benny / zoologic, which remains mysterious.
The Original Thud experiment was an interesting look at whether psychiatric patients can be properly diagnosed as sane or insane... turns out they can't with accuracy.

I assume this is from France. I think it's two guys, John Marron and Manel Bigot. They do improvisation with dance and poetry.

Lawry Zilmrah, from New York, plays all kinds of gadgetry, with many different guests.

In conclusion, a short meditation on the whole of this compilation.
Classwar - a political statement, recognizing the inequalities in society and the struggles of the weak to resist being stomped upon by the elite classes.
Karaoke - music for anyone, average people with no other outlets for musical expression.
Together, a statement for the advancement of culture, not through intelligencia or snobbery, but coming from the ranks of real down to earth people. The promotion and dispersion of the outer unfamiliar fringes of music.

Or a meaningless title that just sounds cool. Doesn't matter - just listen.


Death By Horsecock - 5-MeO-DMT

Artist: Death by Horsecock

WTF Album: 5-MeO-DMT

Tags: psychedelic, drone, noise, space, ambient

WTF Quality: metaphorically speaking, a heavy trip on a powerful drug

Lifespan: 2010 -

Country: France


The three long track offering known as 5-MeO-DMT from a most absurdly named band, Death By Horsecock, is full of mystical, wonderful, strange and terrible sounds which slowly eat into your cortex and open up all those bound up receptors. Obviously the title of the album is a powerful drug, one which induces profound journey into consciousness experiences. The band name, I'm not sure. But to listen to this music in the background is totally different from fully immersing oneself in it. Take a little dive, and get into the realm of "psychedelic."


Now I'm not talking about fuzz guitars, or day-glo paint, or tribal space jams. Have a look at this list and check out some of the artists listed here:

If you didn't bother to check, just know that it begins with Acid Mothers Temple and ends with Zombies. Fuzz guitars, sitars, songs about dreaming and the mind and flower girls, and day-glo are all in there. And yet psychedelic is much more than that, and the list includes many esoteric items, such as Six Organs of Admittance, Pelt, and Shalibi Effect (which has been recently removed as the list is ever-changing). And Horsecock could fit right in line with this music.

What makes something so quintessentially psychedelic, that it can incorporate rock songs, folk melodies, instrumental ragas, free noisy drones, jazzy funk, and so many diverse sounds? Drugs? Maybe drugs. Listen to the music and agree that it is well suited for an acid trip, and perhaps that is all that is needed to pass the test. Or the musicians themselves were tripping.

The term psychedelic is derived from the Greek words ψυχή (psyche, "soul") and δηλοῦν (deloun, "to manifest"), translating to "mind-manifesting"
The term was first coined as a noun in 1957 by psychiatrist Humphry Osmond as an alternative descriptor for hallucinogenic drugs in the context of psychedelic psychotherapy. Seeking a name for the experience induced by LSD, Osmond consulted Aldous Huxley. Huxley suggested the term "phanerothyme," from the Greek terms for "to show" and "spirit." In a letter to Osmond, he wrote:
To make this mundane world sublime,
Take half a gram of phanerothyme
To which Osmond responded:
To fathom Hell or soar angelic,
Just take a pinch of psychedelic

Back when psychedelic drugs were becoming widely used in the US, they were all stoned out and all like, dude, we can take this modal free jazz stuff and space out on it with these blues rock riffs, and get into this mantra trance thing and totally transform the consciousness of the nation with this stuff. They were on LSD.

Horsecock is a much heavier trip. Although the effects are very short term, the peak experience is extreme and pronounced. Listen really carefully my fellow traveler. Are your ears taking in all of the sounds? Can you hear the past and the future? Are you feeling fucked up?
The trip is constantly taking us deeper and deeper into the seed of consciousness, unfolding until our frame of reference has shifted and the music stops. Characteristic of each of the three tracks is a core drone, a vibration around which all else circles and fluctuates. However it will slowly change imperceptibly and subtly. It doesn't even seem to be there. But as we are listening closely, that center is gravity holding the chaotic and sporadic outer frequencies in their orbits. Expanding and contracting, solidifying and liquefying, mutating, leading, driving, rolling in endless cycles, fragmenting outward and inward, beaming with the eternal.

But each of our experiences is unique, each of us is a distinct lens through which the universal consciousness shines. I cannot put this feeling, this transcendence into words. It is for you to find, in the dark, with your own ears.


Download the full album here :

Buy cdr from french label Et Pourtant Ca Avait Bien Commencé :