Joewl Levis - Even Rag Dolls Know

Artist: Joewl Levis

WTF Album: Even Rag Dolls Know

Tags: Lo-Fi, Bedroom, Outsider, Noisy, Bizarre, Humor, Eart

WTF Quality: "Drums + electric guitar + SS Dagger + child like vocals + a whole lot of mental shit = Rag time, free kraut jazz etc."

Country: Eart

Anybody who is familiar with the Great Emperor’s previous work is not going to be disappointed with this offering. It delivers what one comes to expect from him: mental. Joewl takes it beyond human decency once again: but this is what we paid admission for is it not?
Even Rag Dolls Know. What do they know Joewl? That you are mental? That your life’s ambition is to save Eart from their evil machinations? That you are close to defeating them? Now I know what the Rag Dolls know, you have created a new type of music. What is this music? Drums + electric guitar + SS Dagger + child like vocals + a whole lot of mental shit = Rag time, free kraut jazz etc. Call it what you will. If you are not interested in commercial music Joewl is here to lick your toes and serenade your lady. He will give you his opinion on historical political leaders. Ever wondered why Hitler sounds like a footy coach well wait no longer Joewl explains why. He will even go further and give you an eye witness account from Hitler’s beloved pet dog. I know what you are thinking: what a great man and I agree.
Joewl has created an art form here that is driven by the ghosts of the original Dadaists. This is not music in the sense of Beethoven, Joewl rapes and mutilates his 5th symphony then gets drunk and sings about it. There is collage, movie references he does the leather face dance on top of a sign that reads: POST MODERNISM. But all this is subconscious all these things are Joewl. Joewl was born in the dark room where Man Ray made love to Lee Miller. And let us finish with Man Ray ‘s epitaph: unconcerned, but not indifferent. I think if you were to some up this album in a sentence I think that would be quite fitting.

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