scissor shock - psychic existentialism

Artist: scissor shock

WTF Album: psychic existentialism

Tags: frantic, progressive, collage, hyperactive, atonal

WTF Quality: non-idiomatic uncategorizable music using fairly simple sounds that rolls and rolls round and round and rarely repeats itself

Lifespan: 2003 -

Country: USA


welcome to psychic existentialism, a 13 course 32 minute discourse on the secret techniques of mind warping, neuron juggling, wave honing, future reading, phantasm bathing, rock hounding, and exotic tastes.

In the first course you will be escorted by swami E. Gulzaiye into the isolation hydroponic chamber where mental beams protruding from cyclopean driblet dispensers sprinkle creamy Kegel sauce upon your law of thermodynamics.

Following your initiation into the basic fundamentals of the training procedure, you begin the introduction of the hypnotic trance.
From January to February 1817, San Martín led the Army over the Andes in an audacious move that turned the tables on the royalists.

The salad is divine. Breathe and feel the one-ness. Students should understand the following issues:
quick panning
diving atmosphere habitats
the capitalist system goes from a complementary symbiosis to a parasitism that kills the host
audial hue

Connoisseurs who have ridden the Puma concolor through the realm of the "shrine of salvaged junk" should be well familiar with some of the taste waves on display. These are made by obstructing the glottis (the space between the vocal cords) or oral cavity (the mouth) and either simultaneously or subsequently letting out air from the lungs.

This time, attention has been paid to the minute details of p-branes, wooden mallets, 10 year bond yields, hard protein called keratin, ad infinitum. Be prepared for increased rainfall, rising sea levels, and tropical cyclones.

A Pâté made from dinosaur fossils, giant millipede legs, squid ink sac, and rubber tree butter will be served on a dish of very delicate porcelain in the style of the Ming emperor Chenghua.

Upon mastery of these techniques the initiate will be forced to consume sugarcane to stimulate vomiting and defecation, as a way of internally cleansing their body. We survey some aspects of the theory of the integrated density of states (IDS) of random Schroedinger operators. Therefore:
• Fire setting
• Hydraulic mining
• Reverse overshot water-wheels
Learning Objectives:
1. guitar
2. here kitty kitty kitty
3. Hawaiian alphabet
4. cut
Variations in the exploratory behaviour of Great Tits (Parus major) have been found to be linked with a gene orthologous to the human gene DRD4 (Dopamine receptor D4) which is known to be associated with novelty-seeking behaviour.
Specific Tasks Accomplished:
1. Students will demonstrate a mythical union between a lion and a human princess
2. Students will demonstrate establishment of decentralized guerrilla commands
3. Students will demonstrate catalytic purification by hydrodemetallisation (HDM), hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and hydrodenitrogenation
4. Students will demonstrate dictus autem Monoecus vel quod pulsis omnibus illic solus habitavit
Grading Policy:
a.  crack cocaine 25 %
b.  pastrami 75 %
 Total Snake  100%

It goes beyond good times into the meta-critical point concerning the normative conditions of possibility for theorizing the critical-emancipatory project which concerns the addressees of and participants in processes of theoretical and practical enlightenment

for dessert, utensils.