Pilesar / Daniel Euphrat - Chamber of the Egg


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appellation: Pilesar / Daniel Euphrat

product format: Digital silicon encoded sound reproduction

total running time: 25'26"

product title: Chamber of the Egg

implements used: various shaped metallic objects including heat-forged and curved discs rods and irregularly shaped resonators, smaller sphere-like chambers assembled into string mesh and shaken, large cut and polished tree-slabs shaped into curved box-like hollow resonator apparatuses with tight metal strings attached harmonically excited with human finger or plastic plectrum, other similar stretched-string devices with thin copper wire wound around magnets used to transfer electromagnetic waves from the string vibrations, plastic digital silicon encoded white and black spring levered key machines processed through software manipulation and pushed with human fingers, a complex mechanical device utilizing air pumped via cloth and animal hide in a serrated elastic pattern through very thin synthetic polymer reeds which vibrate intensely, various dried plant material such as seed husk gourd and stalk material which generate rather inharmonic high frequencies when shaken or struck with long thin tree fragment cylinders, further electronic devices also utilizing silicon encoded algorithms for transferring vibrational energy through rubber coated copper wiring from thin membranes vibrating over magnets transferred into further silicon data storage mechanisms, various lengths of long flat rectangular tree fragments lined in rows and struck with long sticks with hard spherical terminuses, circular sheets of plastic stretched tightly over a short and wide cylindrical metallic frame and beaten with tree sticks, similarly shaped but taller cylindrical hollow tree trunk frames stretched over with animal hide, hollowed elongated cylindrical tree sticks with several holes pressed and released by human fingers while air is blown from the lungs and vibrates through a notched cut in the chamber, human vocal cord vibrations through lung pressure

time period: 2008 Earth rotations after an arbitrary and inaccurately measured historical event

Earth location: The North American continent, in the cold far Eastern region

purpose of creation: excitement of brain activity induced by the process of sound manipulation and storage for reproduction. Increased and stimulation of cortical zone interchange from audial perception of the finished product streamed from digital core into interface magnet cone amplification devices.

subtle effects of amplified audial stream: tested on a control group of randomly chosen subjects wearing cupped plastic magnetic membrane over the ears and strapped over cranial area devices, effects included closed eyes, increased toe and finger movement, slight pupil dilation, heart rate slightly decreased, breathing at a regular stasis rate, slow swaying of body and rotation of upper spinal column, generally relaxed seating position. Subjects also reported a feeling of comfort as well as curiosity and bewilderment.

analysis: the two humans plus auxiliary third responsible for the creation of this digitally silicon based encoded information stored on various chips spread throughout the planet, show signs of abnormal but generally peaceful behavior, through the expression manifest in this particular sound reproduction. They tend to produce sounds layered in harmonically and timbrally interrelated formations of spectral integration. A pattern of regular intervals of time is prevalent in many of the subdivisions of the whole body of work, of which there are 9. These intervals have been calculated to be repetitions of groups of 8, 6, and 14, occasionally with irregularities in which the patterns are varied in length but maintain regularity of the pulsation of time intervals between amplitude peaks. The patterns of the various implements are interlayed and vary at intervals usually several times within the confines of one interval of subdivision of the whole. On some of the subdivisions the regularity of repetition is approximated over several seconds and may very in overall length, causing the effect of a sense of protruding amplitude peaks over time as rolling through more complex curve analysis. Thus pulsation, while occurring in a sequential array of similar timbral results from a continuation of vibration effected on the implements used, is variable in time intervals on many of the subdivisions of the whole. The result of this whole is what humans speak in their tongues as word in the English language known as drone.

Transmission received from Jeemobon from the planet Hintra

link to digitally encoded upon silicon storage mechanism: