The Greg Olsen Experience - Galore in the Place of the Dog

Artist: The Greg Olsen Experience

WTF album: Galore in the Place of the Dog

Country: USA

Timeline: 2008 -

WTF Quality: Ode to dogs full of scatological pop incoherence

Tags: Dogs, funk, jazz, techno, metal, hip hop, country, rock, indie, cut-up, emo, dogs



Finally, an album dedicated entirely to dogs!


Only naturally would this seem such a natural thing. Which begs the question, why are so many of man's crude attempts at song filled with sappy lyrics about women, and so few about his true best friends? With fierce dedication and rigor, dog stands by the side of man, and man enjoys the presence of dog. What is it about them we love so much? What is it about us that inspires their deepest affections and devotion? I don't know myself, but this music says it in so many different ways.


Drink a beer and relax to this album, dudes. It's full of so many things that don't make sense, intentional mistakes and bizarre mixing choices. So full of over the top juxtapositions and overlappings of different styles of music, mysterious voices uttering sweet nothings about dogs, a plethora of instruments from the world of known music, technical virtuosity, pop hooks and riffs, and arrangements that are either haphazard or carefully crafted to sound maximally random. Lots of dog barking samples too.


Despite the analog nature of dog's respiratory and central nervous systems, the sound of this album is decidedly digital. Which is of course a choice made by the humans involved here. I often can't tell if the instruments are real or MIDI, but then again, why the hell would a dog ever give a fuck if something was analog or digital, sequenced and overdubbed or live-recorded? Especially when quite possibly all this music just sounds like a wash of static from a dog's ears' perspective. But that is something we will never truly know objectively. Anyhow most likely all the dog cares about is treats and a scratch between the ears now again, maybe a good run in the park and something to chase.


Celebrate Fido!

I hope you all can enjoy the fun of listening to this music, not knowing where it's going, wondering what it has to do with dogs (oh, so much! probably), and wondering if something is a sample, a digital sequence, or a live band playing. It's easy to listen to cause you don't have to download it, you can just listen from the link above. Or you can download and listen endlessly on your mp3 thingy if you want. Get a dose of jazz funk prog rock dogs hyper glitch cheesy pop techno mish-mash arrangement metal country high-speed woof!

Then remember to roll in the grass, chase a few deer, howl at the moon, whine that you're hungry, beg for scraps, lick your butt, pant heavily, and dig with reckless abandon.

- Jeemobon