The Chadderandom Abyss - The Middle Child Is Always A Flaming Terror

WTF Album: The Middle Child Is Always A Flaming Terror

Tags: detuned guitar, detuned vocals, drum machine, lo-fi, singer-songwriter, off-rhythm, modified instruments, DIY

WTF Quality: obscure sounding songs with bizarre lyrics inspired by dreams

Lifespan: 2006 -

Country: USA



Do you enjoy music that sounds sloppy, off balance, and haphazardly thrown together? With lyrics that are at times incoherent, at other times, barely understandable, at other times, rambling, and generally spontaneously random? Do you love to listen to music that would make most people turn their heads and say wtf is this shit? And do you also dig it when this music has a mysterious and surreal logic to it, where the sounds actually fit together and create a very unusual and overall consistent mood, with stream of conscious lyrics that tell an interwoven story? Sure, don't we all?

I was having a chat with an old friend on facebook, and he asked what I was doing, so I told him I was listening to strange music and sent him the jamendo link. His reaction was funny; these would make some nice promotional quotes for an album advert:

"... this music is demented!"
"holy cacophony! Like Beefheart on heroin or something"
"God, dude, this is beyond bizarre"
"strangely charming, yet unsettling too"
"Sounds like he's fuck-slamming a cello or something . . . strings so slackened that they're just flopping everywhere"
"I'll have to have Cori hear this shit. 'Tripping Out in the dark...' funny lyrics"

If you're looking for something fucked up, "The Middle Child Is Always A Flaming Terror" won't disappoint.

One particular vocal theme makes me feel like the whole album was made just for wtfm. From the song "Just A Vortex (Overcome)" - "the day feels so bizarre, far beyond paleolythic, but I don't feel so with it. Pat 'em on the head. I'm almost adamant (?) about being dead, being dead, being dead ..."

And then in "Power Drive Line" - "The day feels so bizarre, but I'm just livin' it out, seein' where it'll take me. It's already gotten pretty surreal, here's the deal ..."

And again, several times.


The Chadderandom Abyss is made by some guy in Nebraska, but I don't know his name. I drove through Nebraska once, and other than on a boat in the ocean, I've never experienced such flatness on land. I'm not sure if that influences the music. But he seems to be a strange person, not surprisingly.

His words regarding this album:

"most of the songs were spawned from dreams which were usually spawned from what I was reading before I went to sleep, like the first song combines R. Bud Dwyer, getting trapped in a wash machine with clothes that have pot filled pockets and the native american myth of a boy being born from a blood clot."


"Other songs on that album: George Michael rapes me, getting lost in pictures from the civil war that feature a group of friends with one of them missing their head, someone accidentally killing their wife while practicing martial arts moves and a dragon that acts as my protector"

and, his self-proclaimed "sounds like" blurb from myspace:

"How about this: The Residents, Jandek, Castanets, Beck, Scratch Acid, David Allan Coe and Xiu Xiu all meet your mom on the toilet and made her forget to flush, now she's all sadcore, huddled up on the cold unforgiving tile in the fetal position crying. On crack."

I hope he joins this site.

Download all his shit: