Joewl Levis - basement Tapes

WTF Album: basement Tapes

Tags: tape recorder, low fi, Eart, vocal, found sound, dusty

WTF Quality: The emperor of Eart makes music for Eart people and curses fucking rag dolls

Lifespan: 2001 -

Country: Australia


Fucking rag dolls.

This is the fucking fucked up album the Eart needs to hear urgently, for without the knowledge, courage, wisdom, and unending love of Eart bestowed upon its inhabitants by the just emperor Jeowl, we would surely all succumb to the impending doom. Do not take this lightly. The music, honed through an eternity of dedication and perseverance, displays that ruddy, primitive, rustic, grimy quality that transmits the emotions of our great Eart leader; his hardships, trials, tribulations, triumphs, and his true inner soul. Formerly known as Earth, the land was ridden with hideous bureaucrats and impotent leaders who subjected their citizens through harsh domination - hail the great Jeowl who rules with a spirit of kindness and true understanding for the good of all.

This music contains the great secrets. Secrets feared by rag dolls, secrets of galactic wisdom and the knowledge of Eart man's explorations and discoveries in space. Secrets of pussy and dick, asshole, fucking, fuck, shit, masturbation, love and hate, good and evil, the Eart man condition. Anyone who visits probably already well knows these secrets. This message is for the uninitiated. I can only attempt to emulate Joewl's message of hope and spread the word throughout the internet.

Get fucked, drink a beer, listen to the Basement Tapes, become enlightened, jerk off, kill some rag dolls, water your plants, get a burger, detune your guitar, take a shit, take another shit, take a long ass shit and record it, tell some admins to get fucked (us included), listen to a song about it, join campaigns throughout the galaxy, praise Joewl, follow him on an audio journey of his daily life, sleep, feel happy, rejoice, and celebrate, all ye Eart men and Eart women.

The music will take you places you have never been, you will see and taste things from the catacombs of ages forgotten and yet to be lived, wheeling and swerving through karmic cycles and gestation periods of great ages beyond what Eart minds can calculate or comprehend. The stench of a dull sultry brown texture will permeate your skin and you will grow amphibious lumps and ooze out your pores. Pure simplicity, direct, honest, emotional, dire, endless, and madness.