Ghouls 'n Eggs - Monsters At My Door

Artist: Ghouls ´n Eggs

WTF Album: Monsters At My Door

Tags: horror, dark, ambient, industrial, noise, electronic

WTF Quality: A nightmarish series of visions

Lifespan: 2008 -

Country: Brazil


Enter the nightmare

the story about a man who enters other dimensions while sleeping and encounters worlds of unspeakable horror.

perdido has graced the halls of WTF for some time, assuming the moniker of "Ghouls'n Eggs", assumedly a reference to Edith the egg lady from Pink Flamingos (in his avatar), and ... ghouls, which are like ghosts I think. It all makes sense.

With the computer paint style cover art drawn by LFC, the fucking crazy lucas himself, a longtime friend and fellow of perdido, master of fucked up sick ass imaginary worlds of hellish chaos and cartoonish fantasy terror, how can this possibly go wrong??? It can't!!!

Traces of horror film ambience, dark winds, ghostly howls, chilling wind, mist, haunted groves, clinking bones, burning synapses, piles of shit, horrendous demons the mere sight of whom arouses an intense spasm of vomiting, decrepit souls in a constant state of hopeless despair and decay, endless evil lurking around every corner and behind your shoulder, doom doom and a hyper-accelerated sucking vortex of doom doom and doom, zero gravity, a skeletal hallucination, a heavy weighing layer upon layer of the approaching of something much more hideous than death itself, and the heavily approaching pounding mathematical juggernaut who enslaves you into a beyond infinite nay multi-infinite matrix of impossible tasks which if failed will be duly punished with the cruelest and most insidious infliction of pure pain the likes of which you even in your worst moments in this mortal coil could never have imagined, all permeate.

perdido is something of a techno wizard, which is apparent as an influence in this music. There are no beats, no hooks, no buildups, no breakdowns, no typical trappings of a techno artist, but the sounds themselves are the workings of an electronic musician. It starts with the quarter note bass octaves on the first track, "lullaby for old people," a very synthy techno in an otherwise dark atmospheric track. With the almost whispered, childlike, close-miked semi-moronic vocals, we are primed for the fucked up journey that is to come. In other tracks, there is a layering of percussiver rhythms, as in the deep throbbing booms, muted train-like drones, and insect-like click-rhythms of "reaching for the abyss." Every track is such a hidden mechanical chamber in a labyrinthine dungeon of a very fucked up universe.

WTF music is very excited that this album has been made specifically for our freaky ass website. A great WTF blessing of madness upon us. perdido, from his haunted crib of egg loving, creates nightmarish monsters. "Monsters at my Door" has a narrative feel from track to track, each tale connecting fragments of a disturbed mind, lost and without a trace of hope.

Then we wake up.

- Jeemobon


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