Tags: progressive, synth, duo, hyper, electronic rock, cartoon, noise

WTF Quality: Concise, quick to the punch, windy grindy mind jabbing music

Lifespan: 2010 -

Country: USA

Well fuck, here we go.

And how can you say can you say how can an album that is so short, an album under 10 minutes, really be an album? What the fuck is that?
That's right assholes. Listen to this shit for 9 minutes and 34 seconds and jiggle your body and be done with it. Come back when you get a chance!
Have some fun with it too.
God damned motherfucking breakdancing clowns from hell.
When you're ready for action get into the DEMON SQUEEZE and purge them shits cause it's like your tripping down a roller-coaster highway on the tip of a vinyl needle under the spell of an evil sorceress who wants your blood.
Pulse it through your veins and try not to succumb to the urge to drive head into oncoming traffic while screaming the surrealist manifesto at the top of your lungs. If you can muster up such guster, which I doubt, but try anyway,
When the purple onions arrive from their cribs in the subatomic chamber, attempt to be friendly, feign interest in their foreign drawl about motorcar racing and subterranean scuba diving bearing in mind all the while that they are putrid and must return to their realm of degeneration and decay so that they might not stink up your life too much. It's worth it in the end, trust the words of the forgotten fiddle salesman.
That is not to say that it will not last an eternity and several percentages thereof while you put on the headphones and say fuck all to all, say fuck you to the businessman and the schoolboy as they innocently plot their journey. Fucking scream at them that all is love and maybe somehow one or two of them might get the mirage, sing in their soul for half a moment, make you step out of your ego trip.
TUMBLEWEAVE through your day. Collect detritus through static electricity and plow fields of old clover, the ambient shit is over there in the left aisle, the forgotten whirlpool of deceased rocking chairs.
Put your beats in this basket and crush them with your toes. Looks like some messy gory disaster don't it. Tweak. Asylum of fools in the south corner and framework of pulsation driving the geese into the outer chamber. If it was a modular synthetic FM additive envelope filter charging plutonic jiro-beams into your soup, you better eat it. Best that way.
TUMBLEWEAVE both tumble and weave. In your soup as you taste the salty bits. And just put it in a fucking blender anyway, cause all is malevolent compassion from the bits of nothing that formulate the little jiggly seeds of the strings.
DEMON SQUEEZE might alter you in some way, but it might not. When you listen through speakers, the sound that comes out reverberates through the air-space of the chamber in which those speakers are placed, so there is likely to be some sort of ambient effect. When listened through headphones or earphones, the bulge pops out.
It's a big fucking bulge, it might even infiltrate your pants. Scary as that may be, the bulge is like a saucer of milk to your kitten. The ambiance was fed to the dinosaurs and the moon came howling at your door. You were like Fuck Off Moon, but the dinosaurs begged for seconds and were relieved of their urinal duty. Then finally the foxes came to shine. They shone so brightly in your eyes that you suffered an attack of tunnel vision, and at the far side of that vivid pulsating light was a spectrograph, indicating all states past present future sideways through the 11th dimension and inner that could be represented by your garden variety hardware store navigation system, suffering from poor radio wave transmission and dying batteries. Which is quite a lot anyway.
When TUMBLEWAEVE roll lazily into your town, you'll be like, well there goes another day, another whisp in the breeze for old life of mine here that trundles forth from the plasma drip goo of civilization, and the frontiers of everglade spaces where frogs chirp to the trees and we all feel like getting high. Another wave upon the ripple in the pool of undermined minted pure crave sanitation veins of gas electric septic drainage other concrete yo mama gosh gosh gosh hitherto unfolded paper pears with wholes sticking out of their reptile crotches, crocheting to the beat of a million synthopedes. Proto chimp clandestine spaz blistic brazen grolst pentagonal glyph apocalyptic crypt swift drip slinky brink glade freeze pylon break stem quiff dronst bragnol gwarf trimp splode

Download or buy - http://tumbleweave.bandcamp.com/album/demon-squeeze