Dan Huff - MUSIC FOR MUSICIANS or: How to make a 60-minute album in less than 8 hours for about $200

Dan Huff - MUSIC FOR MUSICIANS or: How to make a 60-minute album in less than 8 hours for about $200

The age old question in the music world is:
"Does Humor Belong In Music?"

Well, this album takes that a step further by bringing up the question:
"Does Humor Belong In Music Education?"

This albums plays as an educational tape. I feel that it should be bundled with a text book.

Dan Huff will guide you through exactly what the title spells out, "How to make a 60-minute album in less than 8 hours for about $200". Step by step.
Because of the example songs, choice of instruments, comments on traditional music theory such as chords and melody, and other areas of the lessons I would say that the instructions are limited to rock, folk, pop, lo-fi indie twee and other similar styles. If one follows the lessons as instructed I couldn't imagine an album of free improvisation, serial operas, or a collection of Rube Goldberg inspired musical contraptions coming into fruition. Maybe that`s for the follow-up album, who knows . . .

EIther way, as an inspiration to fellow musicians, from beginners to pro, this is a nice welcome of unconventional musical thoughts - if one were to take it seriously or not. An almost anti-Berklee thesis. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they do have classes for this kind of thing in Berklee by now. A kind of poor man`s recording guide - and aren't all musicians supposed to be poor?

As a pure listening experience this also works very well. It's filled with hilarious quotes, for example, "Here's the main reason people like to rehearse - practice makes perfect. Here`s the reason I don`t bother - nobody`s perfect" - with interesting and creative songs throughout like "I Am A Muffin" and "INSTRUMENTAL EXAMPLE". It also works well for the ADHD generation as each song is short and makes it's point quickly.

Behind all the, what might seem like, tongue-in-cheek one-liners is pure honesty and genuine words-of-wisdom everyone can learn from if they open up to the endless possibilities of musical creation.

Trust me, what the world needs is less music education about ancient church rules, tonal devises and the out-of-date notion of what music should sound like. This recording is an interesting step away from a lot of that.

Thanks for the lessons Professor Huff. I will put them to good use.

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