Bristles on the Carapace - Faded Suburbs

Bristles on the Carapace - Faded Suburbs

Faded Suburbs. Music of minimal means, of which I am compelled to speak few words.

I feel that this music was recorded in a suburban bedroom. I listen to this music from a suburban bedroom. I feel the rolling of suburbia, the patterns and repetitions of the landscape, the smooth comfort, along with an underlying static. It is calm and simple. The variations from one section to another are barely noticeable. Occasionally we hear the ramblings of a diehard christian. Something about cupcakes. Or crystals? Rooftops. Perhaps, sky and trees. Relax. Listen. I particularly enjoyed untitled 13... Paneye's contribution to the community is much appreciated, and we hope to hear more.

Information from
"bristles on the carapace is Jasper Rice and Will Treffry.
Aside from the final two tracks, 'Faded Suburbs' was recorded and released over 2 days in november of 2009."
"Will resides in Sydney, Australia and his sound is heavily influenced by the deserted swamps, marshes and forests that are scattered around the outer suburbs of the city."

I also listened to the two paneye albums from linked there and particularly enjoyed the tracks "Erik Hell" and "The Clearing where she once stood" , both of which rightfully qualify as WTF material.

- Jeemobon

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