Nokhoi - Live in Kowloon

The sounds of crumbling, decay, solitude and steady grind. Fittingly, Nokhoi means "Dog" in the Mongolic language. Nokhoi is from Ulan Bator and this Live in Kowloon album was the music for a live performance in Hong Kong. Often overdriven to the point of cutting in and out of silence, as if the speakers gave up for a moment then popped back into oscillation. there is very little emphasis on harmonic, tonal, melodic, or otherwise pitched sounds here, although they can be found, as well as traces of recognizable sounds and voices, buried within the static. Static and distortion, two of the main outstanding features of this music.

From the beginning, a breath of electric static.
Grinding beams of interference. A deep throttle, steadily Deepening. Crushing pressure. A faint melody or series of pitches. Waves of buzzing sparks build intensity to the point of a clipping cut. The crushing abates, static remains.

Then, dogs baying.
A deep thunderous drone swells in. Overtones and waves of layered crunch static buzz, a slow roll. Various tempi of waves, from slower to faster, a liquid texture. Tones appear, enter and float on the murk. Voices like phantasms. Other powerful gushes of bilge come and go suddenly, along with screeches which sustain and cut. A blasting minor chord of an organ which is ripping the delicate speaker cones, until the low thunder washes away. More gushing rolls ply by. The screeching. The voices. Everything is heavily distorted and sustained.

An overdriven heartbeat.
Overdriven angelic chords and swirly piercing overtones of zipper fuzz. A deep throb of hell against the synthetic clouds. And held in sustain. Finally a drop, the angels are heard undisturbed to the crunchy heartbeat.

A spray wash of static noise.
A rambling undiscernible man's voice. Long chords of heavily vibrato organ synth, all heavily distorted, with blasts of screaming pitch shifting warbles, and a smattering of crushing ripping tearing harsh noises. Sustained over a long period of time. Gloomy, oppressive, cryptic, unrelenting, unforgiving, ill at ease, broken and shattered, murky, growling and roaring.

White noise, a glinting keyboard plays major key harmony loops slowly. Background hiss.

And it's out. The dog retreats into his bed.

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- Jeemobon

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