Fat Worm of Error - Nzznzzzznnznznnnn

Fat Worm of Error - Nzznzzzznnznznnnn

When I first heard this music I loved it right away.
What is it? It's funny, even though mostly instrumental. When the vocals do come in they sound like a man with a boyish voice, or a goofy woman.
I downloaded Nzznzzzznnznznnnn from their website, here:


And became perplexed.
It's noisy! It's chaotic. It sparkles a bit. I felt that, among the pots and pans, sparse percussion, effects, noise machines, honkers and hooters, Magizzles and Sproinks, love must have been a main ingredient in this music.

Naturally, I did some investigation.
Their website says that they dwell in Northampton, MA and record out of a shack. According to last.fm the core is two people, "ex-Deerhoof members Chris Cooper and Jess Goddard." Hmm. Checked about that on wikipedia, found that around '96 they guested with Deerhoof and were members of Caroliner at the time. Oh.
I got around to checking their videos on youtube. Aha - looks like noise rock. Another thing. They're a good live band, but for the real wtf juice I suggest listening to this album. It goes places where a drum set and guitars alone cannot go.

- jeemobon

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