Richard There - "Who Touched My Bones?" EP

Richard There - "Who Touched My Bones?" EP

"There is a bird in the sky,
and he's always singing that I will die."

This opening line sets the tone for the whole EP.
A dark, humorous, abstract, twisted cartoon-like world of despair in an ongoing battle of hope.

The music is a creative take on a singer-songwriter approach similar to Jandek, though Richard There says he has not heard his music before.
Songs are presented in bare stripped-down arrangements usually with the thick-accented vocals heavily in the foreground.

This music comes from a place I have yet to visit.
A place called There. Where birds eat colors.
A place of contorted beings and Shit Men.

Images and more insights on the land of There can be found . . . here:

This might be my own way of perceiving the music but when I listen I can't help but connect it to the fantasy land of There.
The music becomes a soundtrack to my imagination of what happens in this far off land.
They both compliment each other.
It is fantasy music for an imaginative world.
My inner child is provoked as I enter this music.
Questions come to mind as I walk around the land of There.
Answers may be found in the music or they may be left lingering.
I want to know more about this land.
To go deeper.
Richard There's music can help guide me.
Though I can only go so far with this short EP.
I need more, Mr. There.

Book your next trip to There with this wonderful yet somewhat dark recording.

- OnionPalac

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"Who Touched My Bones?" EP can be downloaded for free here: