Nebelom - QVVMHS

Nebelom - QVVMHS

This is some heavy shit.
An album full of songs with titles taken from five minor planets of our Solar System: 50000 Quaoar, 20000 Varuna, 136472 Makemake, 38628 Huya, 90377 Sedna and one asteroid - 4 Vesta.
A claim I've seen about this music:
"His glitch-apocalyptic, abstract and minimal sounds are created with low quality software and microphone. But he claims they are coming from space."
I prefer to believe that this music actually is coming from space.
This music is freezing cold.
When I say goodbye to the world and put on my headphones with this music blasting through those little speakers attached to my head I feel as if ice-cold metal tubes are being inserted into my ear canals freezing my auditory nerves, covering the inside of my head with thick misting frost.
Just as quickly our solar system is vacuumed into the tubes and fed into my brain filling my senses up with the sounds of space: alien soundscapes, lost transmissions, planets smashing into one another, space debris choir, cracking sounds of the universe expanding . . .
That's the kind of music this is: interactive music for the listener's imagination.
This music has the power to excite the creative spirit in those who prefer to keep the flame burning.
That's why this kind of music is so important - unlike so much popular music throughout history this can inspire the imagination, wake it up and feed it.
Similar to the function of dance music, where the music excites the body to move, this music excites the mind to imagine.
But like dance music, if the listener can't dance s/he most likely will not have an interest in the music - with this music if the listener has no imagination I would assume that s/he would have a hard time appreciating this.

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