Scissor Shock - Shrine to Salvaged Junk [EP]

Scissor Shock - Shrine to Salvaged Junk [EP]

I'm all about this way of making music.
It seems to be operated by one guy, Adam Cooley, with the help of various other people including the trombonist Aaron Booe.
This music is not afraid to intentionally sound weird - as a statement about them proclaims, "Scissor Shock quickly separated itself from fellow acts by being more artful and pretentious."
I'm not sure if that was said as a joke but I would consider it a good thing.
It is often said that music which tries to be weird is bad.
Or, that the strangest music is never intentional, that the musicians making said music are unaware of the bizarre quality of what they produce.
In some cases this may be true but I would argue that most of the time artists are highly aware that they are creating fucked up pieces of sound.
As is the case with Scissor Shock.
This EP is all over the place in it's own demented world.
To throw some known artists names around using the "It's as if . . ." method:
It's as if Caroliner were baby offsprings of The Residents and their playpen was the studio-house that Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" was recorded in and their friends baby Gene and Baby Dean from Ween came over to play.
If that makes sense.
And it shouldn't.
Home recorded weirdness done for the sake of being weird and having fun.
This is what it's all about.

You can find a lot of their tracks for free here:

Adam Cooley also makes fucked up films, dig into it here:


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